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Zendaya’s Stylist Reveals Shocking New Direction He Wants to Take Her Looks, But Is He Trolling?



At this point, we’ve all come to love Zendaya and her longtime stylist Law Roach’s daring and iconic approach to the aforementioned star’s fashion looks.

Whether she’s slaying a red carpet, shining on a cover of a magazine or simply lowkey chilling at a sports game (because let’s face it: Zendaya on her most basic of days is still a 10/10), there’s no denying the fact that the style icon rocks looks that the rest of us could only dream of.

That’s due in large part to Roach and his keen eye for eye-catching and inspiring items that continue to set the “Challengers” star a part any time she’s in the building (and make other models quake in implicit envy at the thought of her ever changing career paths.)

But even with Roach, whose longstanding career in the fashion world spans across multiple years and clients, there’s always new avenues to explore and new envelopes to push when it comes to fashion.

In a new interview with Complex, the “Legendary” host hilariously let us in on the theme he’s yet to tackle and new direction he hopes to take Z’s looks in moving forward.

“Porn, it’s the next one I’d just love to dive into. The world of porn, to see how I could translate porn and hardcore sex into fashion,” he told the outlet. “Dying to do that.”

Hot or “Hmmm?” Well, according to the comments on Complex’s Instagram post sharing the interview clip, folks online weren’t here for it.

“Please stop over-sexualization in our society, wrote one user.

“Saying that out loud is diabolical,” said another.

“Tom Holland [Zendaya’s boyfriend and “Spider-Man” costar] fighting for his relationship everyday,” wrote another one.

However, others were quick to note the obvious sarcasm with Roach himself eventually coming back to make it clear it was a joke.

“People are insane!!! Sarcasm maybe???” he said.

“LMAO how are y’all not understanding the pure sarcasm in his response,” wrote one user.

“He’s definitely tired of y’all asking him the same questions lol,” said another.

“He’s clearly being facetious y’all. Not too much on Law,” wrote another one.

So what do you think? Truth or trolling?

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