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UW business school professor writes new book about growing enterprise



MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – A UW business school professor has written a new book called “Creating the long-term plan for growing enterprise.”

It provides a framework for creating career or business strategies.

The author, Dr. Phil Greenwood, joined WMTV on Wednesday to discuss the five strategies for growth.

Dr. Greenwood says he was motivated to write this book as these strategies have been taught at UW for decades.

There are five strategies that are focused on in his book.

  1. What is the vehicle and how?
    1. Are you going to start your own business or find a partner?
  2. Staging- speed and sequence?
    1. How fast do you want your business to grow, or do you want to grow?
  3. Arenas(s)- where?
    1. Where are you going to compete?
    2. What market segments do you want to serve?
    3. What markets do you not want to sell in?
  4. How are you different from your competition?
    1. How is your product going to stand out from other competitors?
  5. Economic logic and looking at money.
    1. How are you going to make money?

Dr. Greenwood said this book would be most beneficial for anyone looking to start their own business.

“It gets you think about what is your strategy and how to analyze it to make it better long-term,” said Dr. Greenwood.

Anyone who is looking to purchase his book can buy it on Amazon.

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