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Summer travel plans? Your UC medical plan has you covered | UCnet



If you’re taking a well-deserved vacation out of town this summer, we wish you safe travels! If you do need medical attention while you’re away, here are a few tips shared by UC’s medical plans about how to get the care you need.

Remember: Your UC medical plan will cover emergency care if you or a family member you cover needs it — always use the emergency services where you are. You or your doctor should contact your medical plan once your condition is stable to inform them that you’ve received care and coordinate any follow-up care you may need.

UC’s PPO plans: CORE, UC Care and UC Health Savings Plan

If you need non-emergency care while traveling inside the U.S., you can access virtual visits through Accolade Care or in-person care across the U.S. through the BlueCard Program. To schedule an Accolade Care virtual visit or find a BlueCard provider, call Accolade at (866) 406-1182 or go to the Accolade digital member portal.

Outside the U.S., call the Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core (BCBSGC) Service Center, available 24/7, at +1 (804) 673-1177 to confirm coverage before receiving non-urgent or non-emergency care outside the U.S. If you receive emergency care, have the provider or a traveling companion contact the BCBSGC Service Center on your behalf as soon as possible.

To learn more about how to find care through your UC PPO plan, visit

Kaiser HMO

Across the U.S., Kaiser HMO members can get 24/7 care from a Kaiser Permanente clinician by phone or online — always tracked in your electronic health record. Sign in to your account to find the right care method for you and see what is available. 

You can also receive routine care at a different Kaiser Permanente facility while you’re traveling; just remember to create a new medical record number for the area you’re visiting. Routine services aren’t covered outside Kaiser Permanente areas, so make sure to get them before your trip.

You can go to any urgent care facility within the U.S. for urgent, non-emergency medical conditions; see the Kaiser website for information about urgent care options where you won’t need to file for reimbursement.

If you receive emergency care outside the U.S., call 1-888-859-0880 (Northern California members) or  1-800-225-8883 (Southern California members) when your condition is stable to let Kaiser know and help you decide what to do next.

Find answers to common questions on the Kaiser website, or call the Away from Home Travel Line at 951-268-3900 (TTY 711 ) for more information.

UC Blue & Gold HMO

Whenever you receive emergency care while traveling outside your UC Blue & Gold HMO service area, be sure to notify your primary care physician (PCP) as soon as possible to let them know. You’ll need your PCP to refer you for any follow-up care. 

For care that isn’t an emergency, the UC Blue & Gold HMO offers 24/7 virtual care through Teladoc. You can also seek care from a walk-in urgent care clinic (if possible, contact your PCP first) or a CVS MinuteClinic.

For reimbursement for care received outside California or outside the U.S., download a claim form. Be sure to get an itemized bill and any available medical records from the facility or provider to submit with your claim.

For more information, refer to Health Coverage That Goes Where You Go on Health Net’s website for UC members.

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