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Everything to Pack If You’re Traveling For Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour



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In “Pack With Me,” influencers and editors give us a rundown of their travel must-haves and a few travel hacks to go along with them. For this installment, PS Features Editor Yerin Kim shares what essentials are in her suitcase for a trip to Stockholm for The Eras Tour.

A week ago, I jetted off to Stockholm for a dream work trip: to see Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour for the first time. In my four days in the Scandinavian city, I experienced the ultimate Marriott Bonvoy Moment — members can redeem their points for special adventures like this one — which included premium tickets to the Eras Tour in Stockholm, a stay at the luxe Nobis Hotel, and other activities. While the main purpose of this trip was to see Swift in concert, I was excited to check out Stockholm’s famous sights, shops, and food in the days prior.

Stockholm is known as the world’s “smallest big city” for a reason. Spread across 14 different islands, the city is easily walkable and surrounded by beautiful lakes and greenery almost everywhere you look. In just two days, I was able to take in the architecture of must-see tourist spots like the Swedish Royal Palace and Stockholm’s historic old town Gamla Stan; walk through serene parks like Humlegården and Kungsträdgården; and roam the designer stores in Biblioteksstan — all in between snacking on Swedish meatballs and enjoying afternoon fikas. Although it was admittedly a jam-packed few days, the result was the perfect mix of history, food, and fashion before the main event.

To accommodate for both attending the show and exploring Stockholm, I made sure to pack concert essentials in addition to chic, casual outfits and general travel must-haves for a quick European getaway. If you’re lucky enough to catch Swift at an international show this summer or curious about basic travel items for Stockholm, read our complete guide on what to pack for the Eras Tour abroad and find tips for any trip centered around concert tourism.

Best Packing Tips For the Eras Tour

Packing for any trip with multiple objectives can be difficult, but advance planning certainly makes it easier. I consider myself an expert packer, and I owe it to making checklists and building outfit combinations prior to even taking out my suitcase. If you’re traveling for a show specifically, I recommend starting with packing your concert outfit, and then working backwards to fill the rest of your luggage. There are so many options when it comes to dressing for the Eras Tour, but I wanted to stick to items I already had in my closet, so I chose a ruffled pink minidress inspired by Swift’s “Lover” era, paired with my comfiest, black knee-high boots.

Inspired by minimal and classic Scandinavian style, I focused on coastal hues and basic, clean silhouettes for the rest of my looks. That included packing a plain white tee, oversize button-down, and loose denim. For short getaways like these, I suggest sticking to a specific color scheme or neutrals to allow for flexibility when it comes to planning outfits. (After all, while having general outfit formulas in mind is important, you never know how the weather or your mood might affect your dressing.) If you have a fancy dinner or drinks built into your itinerary, throw in a pair of kitten heels or slip dress, though most establishments in Stockholm seemed to lean casual.

As is the recommendation for any European travel, travel light. It’s unfortunately not uncommon to lose your luggage, especially during peak summer season, so I’d forgo checking any bags and plan on doubling up with a carry-on suitcase and a compact duffle for your personal item. You might also want to leave a little room — Stockholm is a shopper’s paradise for both designer and vintage finds.

Best Travel Tips For the Eras Tour

My biggest recommendation is to make the most of whatever city you’re traveling to, despite the main purpose being the concert. Though the highlight of my Stockholm itinerary was definitely the Eras Tour, exploring the city by foot and viewing all of its picturesque sights were also at the top of the list. In preparation for a shorter trip like mine, do your research on your must-sees in advance. I suggest using Google Maps to save all of those places, so you can plan around locations and see what might be feasible for your trip.

Keep reading for all of my packing essentials for traveling abroad for the Eras Tour — right off the heels of my own trip.

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