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Seth MacFarlane Says Family Guy Won’t End Until Fans Stop Watching – IGN The Fix: Entertainment – IGN



Lucky there’s a Family Guy, and it seems it could go on forever. It seems today that all you see is violence in movies and sex on TV. And Seth MacFarlane wants to make sure #FamilyGuy is added to the equation for years to come. 22 seasons into the animated series, the creator of the show doesn’t see it ending anytime soon. Speaking to the LA Times in celebration of the show’s 25 years since it initially aired on television, he just doesn’t see any good reason to stop production. While the overall perception might be that Family Guy isn’t as popular as it once was, it’s still making Fox money in the animation department. Along with tenured shows like The Simpsons, it’s become a staple of Fox’s Animation Domination cartoon block, seasonally rounded out with new animated shows that come and go. When a show’s been around as long as The Simpsons or even Family Guy, it’s usually hard for it to maintain that edge it once had, especially when you’re beholden to network television and its various restrictions. Conversely, South Park manages to remain fresh and just as edgy as it’s ever been due to being on cable television, constantly pushing the envelope of what’s acceptable. Family Guy episodes could go on forever.

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