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Bill to create gun-free zone in New Orleans’ entertainment district pulled



Bill to create gun-free zone in New Orleans’ entertainment district pulled

Legislation to create a gun-free zone in New Orleans’ entertainment district was voluntarily deferred in House Criminal Justice. Bill author Representative Alonzo Knox urged committee members to ask local law enforcement in their districts what they think about the law that goes into effect July 4th allowing for concealed carry without a permit.

“And when you contact them, I’m willing to bet, they will tell you that law does not make us any safer. And as it relates to New Orleans particularly downtown, it will create a crisis,” said Knox.

Knox amended House Bill 498 to allow gun owners with a permit to conceal carry in the New Orleans entertainment district so it would not infringe upon one’s rights. But that too was met with opposition.

“Making a gun-free zone is a law that will affect law-abiding citizens, not criminals. The criminals are going to go do it anyway. So, passing another law is not what you need. What we really need is enforcement,” said Firearm Professionals of Louisiana political director Chris Patron.

New Orleans Councilwoman Helena Moreno who supports the bill told committee members after discussions with Knox he’s opting to voluntarily pull the bill. But they plan to meet with Republican Senator Kirk Talbot who’s filed similar legislation that’s limited to the French Quarter.

“We’re wondering if we could have an opportunity to get with Senator Talbot and kind of work through some of these particular issues and work through the reciprocity issue with the concealed carry permit and try to get things in better shape,” said Moreno.

Senator Talbot’s bill is Senate Bill 419.

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