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Lidia Sobieska trailer released for Tekken 8



Tekken 8 is going strong into what’s about to be its fifth month already since launch, and we now have an extra taste of who’s coming next to the battleground.

Before the top 8 finals began at Combo Breaker 2024 tonight, Bandai Namco revealed a full cinematic / gameplay trailer for Lidia Sobieska as she’ll appear as the second DLC character for Tekken 8.

As was seen when Lidia was first announced last month at Evo Japan 2024, the Polish Prime Minister is looking slightly difference than her introduction as the final Tekken 7 character.

She’s got a very ornate karate gi now adorned with red flowers and waves that pop a bit more, but it seems the most changes have been applied to her gameplay.

To help differentiate her from Reina and the other karate practitioners some more, it looks like they’ve upped Lidia’s defensive options with more parries and guard point moves.

She also appears to have multiple stances and a charged punch at her disposal too as a hopefully formidable new foe.

The trailer also showcases her introduction, Rage Art, special interactions with Jin and Reina, and almost two minutes of gameplay on the upcoming Seaside Resort stage.

No release date was provided for Lidia beyond the previous Summer window where she’ll likely drop alongside a new stage and Photo Mode according to the update roadmap for the game.

She’ll be the second DLC fighter for Tekken 8 after Eddy Gordo with two more unannounced characters coming this Fall and Winter for Season 1 content.

Like Eddy, Lidia will presumably be available to purchase by herself for $8 USD or included in the Year 1 Character Pass in the Deluxe Edition upgrade for $40.

If she’s not already out by then, we’ll probably be seeing more of the Prime Minister at Evo 2024 in July plus whoever is coming next to the roster.

You can check out Lidia in action below via the flashy new trailer for Tekken 8.

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