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You won’t believe how cheap ‘Bluey’s Big Play’ tickets are



You won’t believe how cheap ‘Bluey’s Big Play’ tickets are

We’ve got good news and even better news.

First, rumors that “Bluey” is ending after its supersized Season Three finale were unfounded.

A show spokesperson “double-confirmed” to the Australian Broadcasting Company that the popular animated series has “no plans to end the show,” according to the “Today” Show.

While fans wait to see what adventures are in store for Bluey, Bingo, Chilli, and Bandit in Season Four, they can catch ‘Bluey’s Big Play’ live on tour all year long.

Best of all, tickets for the touring roadshow featuring all of your favorite characters are shockingly cheap.

At the time of publication, our team found some seats going for as low as $8 before fees on Vivid Seats.

Yes, really.

While that price is a bit of an outlier, other shows have tickets starting anywhere from $26 to $370 before fees (to be fair, the show with $370 tickets is also an outlier).

New York-based “Bluey” fans are in luck, too.

On May 25-26, the show rolls into Brooklyn’s Kings Theatre for four (!) matinee shows that start at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. on both days.

For fans who are curious about the show itself, each and every 50-minute ‘Bluey’s Big Play’ performance follows Bingo and Bluey doing everything in their power to get Dad off his bean bag to play with them on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The Guardian raved that “just like the TV show, it seems ‘Bluey’s Big Play’ knows how to tap into every emotion.”

Want to go?

We’ve got everything you need to know and more about the 2024 ‘Bluey’s Big Play Live Tour’ below.

All prices listed above are subject to fluctuation.

Where is Bluey going on tour?

Bluey and the gang have been touring all over North America for quite some time now but still have many stops left to hit before the long tour comes to a close.

Just a few of the notable upcoming cities this spring include Chicago, IL (May 3-5), Denver (May 11-12), Boston (May 18-19), Indianapolis, IN (June 1-2) and Tampa, FL (June 8-9).

Over the summer, Bluey and Bingo will make mischief in Miami, FL (June 29-30), Houston (July 6-7), Atlanta, GA (July 13-14), St. Louis, MO (July 20-21) and Las Vegas, NV (Aug. 10-11).

The tour wraps up on Oct. 26-27 in Baltimore.

Click here to find a complete ‘Bluey’s Big Play’ tour calendar featuring all dates, venues, show start times, and links to buy tickets.

How can I watch Bluey on TV?

We’re happy to solve the mystery for the few Bluey fans who don’t know where to find her on the tube.

The Heeler family’s Emmy-winning Australian program from creator Joe Brumm and composer Joff Bush can be streamed on Disney+.

Viewers who don’t have the streaming service can also catch episodes on Apple TV, Google Play, Prime Video, and Vudu.

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Bluey characters

The Heeler family has four members: Bluey, Bingo, Mom, and Dad.

Here’s a little bit more about each of them.

Bluey is a mature six-year-old Heeler pup who acts like an adult. Her hobby is coming up with fun games and inventing rules.

Bingo, 4, loves her big sister. She also enjoys playing but isn’t quite as rambunctious as Bluey. You just might find her talking to bugs when she’s off on her own.

Mom, who also goes by Chilli, recently returned to her at Airport Security. Don’t worry, though — she’s not humorless. In fact, Mom often finds the funny in life.

Dad, aka Bandit, works as an archaeologist during the day but still somehow finds time to play with Bluey and Bingo whenever he can. Also, archaeologists dig, dogs dig. Clever stuff.

Other kids shows on tour in 2023

On the off chance Bluey is not coming to a city near you this year, we found a few other alternatives for folks looking for family-friendly entertainment.

Check out our five favorite kid shows that are touring in the next few months.

• Disney On Ice: Frozen and Encanto

• Paw Patrol Live

• Sesame Street Live

• Barbie The Movie in Concert

• Avatar: The Last Airbender in Concert

Who else is on the road? Take a look at our list of the 50 biggest concert tours in 2024 to find out.

This article was written by Matt Levy, New York Post live events reporter. Levy stays up-to-date on all the latest tour announcements for your favorite musical artists and comedians, as well as Broadway openings, sporting events and more live shows – and finds great ticket prices online. Since he started his tenure at the Post in 2022, Levy has reviewed Bruce Springsteen and interviewed Melissa Villaseñor of SNL fame, to name a few. Please note that deals can expire, and all prices are subject to change.

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