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‘Worst shopping experience ever,’ cries Kroger shopper tired of receipt policy



AMERICANS are becoming increasingly fed up with the treatment they continue to receive while shopping in major retailers.

Customers have been voicing their frustrations on X, formerly Twitter, as they complain about a plethora of issues they face while shopping.


Consumers are complaining about the treatment they receive while shoppingCredit: AFP
Since the start of the pandemic, many corporations have implemented numerous anti-theft policies


Since the start of the pandemic, many corporations have implemented numerous anti-theft policiesCredit: AFP
But customers complain these policies are just an inconvenience to them


But customers complain these policies are just an inconvenience to themCredit: Getty

From most everyday items being locked behind glass to extra receipt checks, long wait times, issues and limits with self-checkout, and the lack of employees available for help and checkout lanes.

One shopper, who went through all of these experiences in one trip, couldn’t take it anymore and blasted his local grocery store on social media.

In his post, he says he had “the worst shopping experience ever with Kroger.”

He says the point-of-sale systems were not working right in the liquor store, which made him have to use self-checkout in the grocery section.

This normally wouldn’t have been a problem, but that system kept freezing on customers too.

So he made his way to “one of the three registers open with a human to check out,” according to his post.

Then, after spending close to $200 on alcohol, he was stopped by security on his way out who demanded to see his receipt.

Other shoppers have had similar experiences around the country.

“These stores need to CHILL!,” Lauren Johnson wrote on Facebook.

Her complaints were directed towards Target’s strict 10 items or less policy at self-checkout.

“They can have more employees to scan for you if they’re going to complain about self-checkout,” she said.

Some customers have even said that everything being locked up makes them “feel like you’re a potential criminal rather than a potential customer,” read one post on X.

Major retailers have been implementing these policy changes over the last few years since the pandemic, blaming an increase in theft for hurting their pockets.

This year, many large chains are projected to lose $132 billion combined in total shoplifting losses, according to research by Capital One.

But in the same time frame since 2020, corporate profits have also reached skyrocketed, reaching record-breaking levels.

In fact, these profits now account for the highest share of national income in over 10 years, according to the National Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Kroger, for example, has seen their annual gross profits increase by $6.6 million from 2019 to now, according to

This is also paired with a 15% increase in earnings, outperforming 85% of the stock market, according to

But at the same time, the vast majority of Americans are doing worse financially now than they were compared to before the start of the pandemic, according to Yahoo! Finance.

Customers are now oftentimes finding themselves spending close to, if not more than double, what they used to pre-Covid on just groceries alone.

This has left many consumers upset about the treatment they have to endure while shopping.

“These corporations, who are bringing in these massive profits the last few years, need to stop being greedy,” one shopper, Mary Jane Santos, told her local newspaper, The Long Island Herald.

“The worst part is I’m paying all this money,” she said.

“Then I have to go ring it all up myself because these billion-dollar corporations don’t want to pay cashiers because it’s less profitable for them.

As if they don’t have enough,” 

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