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What Wall Street finance bros should wear this summer



  • Summer is approaching, and that means ditching bulky outerwear for new work styles.
  • Business Insider spoke to style experts about what’s hot and what’s not for the upcoming season.
  • Here’s what finance bros should be wearing to work this summer.

The weather is heating up, and it’s time for finance bros to update their wardrobes along with it.

With Wall Street having mainly returned to the office, the investment bankers and workers who power firms such as JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, and Citigroup have had to ditch their sweatpants for tailored suits again. But some of them are struggling to readjust to non-stretchy garments, it would seem.

More and more white-collar workers are relying on stylists to elevate their work wardrobes. The gig can earn fashion experts tens of thousands from only one client.

And it seems as if the finance and Silicon Valley guys hiring these style arbiters have the right idea. Lately, tech titans such as Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos — possibly by way of his fashionable fiancée, Lauren Sanchez — have been featured in publications for what they’re wearing instead of what project they’re working on.

So, Business Insider asked some style experts — and a finance bro — which brands and styles those guys on Wall Street should check out for their summer workwear.

Reginald Ferguson, a men’s fashion consultant, told BI he wanted his clients to remain “modern, yet classic” in their daily attire. Here’s what he and others had to say.


A composite image of a striped Charles Tyrwhitt button-up shirt and a navy Peter Millar shirt.

A style consultant said Charles Tyrwhitt shirts were a good “starter kit.” Peter Millar is where luxury meets athletic wear.

Charles Tyrwhitt; Peter Millar

Peter Millar and Charles Tyrwhitt are two brands that were suggested to BI by an early-career investment banker who asked to remain anonymous to protect his career.

Ferguson, the style consultant, also nodded to the British retailer Charles Tyrwhitt, saying it was a good “starter kit” for workwear. Those in their first year as associates tend to take advantage of its “multibuy” deal that discounts shirt prices — about $100 for most styles — when you buy in bulk.

Peter Millar is more on-trend with its use of athletic fabric in work attire. The shirts categorized as a “workweek” style go for about $250 on the official website.

Ferguson said it was a “luxury golf brand that was smart to expand its line for its client to wear other garments while not on the course.”


A composite image of a pair of black pants from Zegna and a pair of cream pants from Kiton.

Work pants from Zegna typically cost under $2,000. Kiton pants are also an option.

Zegna; Kiton

Those who dress the wealthy have touted the Italian brand Zegna for its range of classic to casual looks. Pants from the company typically go for under $2,000.

Ferguson said that Kiton, another high-end brand with origins in Italy, was “the grail for the partner of the firm.” The high price point may indicate why it’s the choice for more seasoned —and higher-paid — employees.

Pants from Kiton can cost anywhere from about $1,000 to $4,000-plus for cashmere trousers.

“The fabrics they choose are luscious, and yes, everyone can tell when you are wearing a Kiton suit,” Nicole Pollard Bayme, the CEO of the LA styling firm Lalaluxe, told BI.

Footwear and accessories

A composite image of a Casio watch, a man wearing sunglasses, and a pair of black sneakers.

Casio offers affordable watches, and sunglasses are a classic summer accessory. Zegna sneakers go for $1,000 a pop.

Zegna; Casio; Getty Images

Zegna’s TripleStitch sneakers cost about $1,000 and have gained quite a following among the wealthy.

“In a breathtakingly short time, the Zegna TripleStitch has become the de facto shoe of private-jet travel,” Bayme said.

And while our style gurus didn’t comment on specific brands for accessories, perhaps workers can take inspiration from tech leaders regarding which watches are in.

The billionaire Bill Gates has been seen wearing a $70 Casio watch, while Oracle’s chief technology officer, Larry Ellison, is said to have an extensive collection of Richard Mille watches, which can range from six figures to even more.

When in doubt, sunglasses are always a functional way to make your outfit look cooler.

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