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What It’s Actually Like To Be A Red-Carpet Stylist At Cannes



The French houses and their beauty arms, such as Dior which takes a suite overlooking the red carpet, look after their inner circle by securing rooms in one of the three hotels a stone’s throw away from the action. Louis Vuitton, for example, flies Emma Stone’s team, including Petra Flannery, over from LA, whereas a stylist booked by a client off their own back might not have the luxury of even getting on a plane, because of the stratospheric cost of so much as ordering le hamburger anywhere remotely near the festival. Harry Lambert, who is behind Sienna Miller’s boho-chic Chloé resurgence, had to orchestrate the actor’s entire Cannes wardrobe, including those major Schiaparelli fashion jeans, before she touched down in Nice.

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Those who do exist in the frenzy of French fries and coffee over a snatched snippet of the festival (Cannes last for two weeks with most celebs dipping in and out over a couple of days), will not be frolicking on the beach, as per Brigitte Bardot et al in its early heyday. Glam squads have multiple meetings prior to a premiere to land on “the look”, which must photograph well against both the shocking red carpet and the bright blue sea and sky. Stairs, as per the Met Gala, are also a factor, hence so many shoe removal shockers in the past.

Despite the fact the Hôtel Martinez, The Carlton and Le Majestic are all within eyeline of the hubbub, stars and their stylists can sit in traffic for upwards of an hour while snail-pacing their way to the grand entrance. God forbid they should make the 10-minute journey down the jam-packed pavements wearing couture. (The insurance on the jewellery alone would forbid this from happening.) Red-carpet slots are timed to the minute and so, it’s a case of hanging around backstage or cutting it down to the wire to make it on time.

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