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Warning issued to Brits who admit to stealing carrier bags when shopping



It truly is the most heinous of all crimes.

If one were to find a difference of degree among all of the crimes which are inflicted upon this innocent Earth then the worst has surely got to be stealing those 10p carrier bags from supermarkets.

It really is the foulest of crimes that may be committed, and I’m not just saying that because a colleague here at LADbible Towers has admitted to nicking them, and it’s been incredibly fun to take the mick out of them for it.

In addition to a certain nefarious and nameless colleague, it seems as though around three in 10 Brits have committed this crime.

Polling from indicates that there’s a petty theft crime spree across the nation’s supermarkets.

People might say they already have loads tucked under their kitchen sink or that they left their bag for life at home and it slipped their mind to pay for the carrier bag, but those excuses for criminal behaviour just don’t wash, Sonny Jim.

"I paid for my carrier bags, because I am a good and respectable citizen." (Getty Stock Photo)

“I paid for my carrier bags, because I am a good and respectable citizen.” (Getty Stock Photo)

People might think it’s just such a minuscule charge that it’s not worth paying, or that they’re somehow sticking it to the man by stealing carrier bags.

However, the truth is that they’re just making things worse and a warning has been issued to those who aren’t inclined to give up their life of crime.

The money raised by shops selling carrier bags are supposed to go towards good causes, and every year millions of pounds are put towards charity from the proceeds of selling carrier bags.

If you’re nabbing carrier bags and not paying, then you’re denying money to these good causes.

Those among you who wish for a virtuous world where their money goes towards doing good will know that paying for your carrier bags is the way to go.

Be the change you want to see in the world, pay for your carrier bag. (Getty Stock Photo)

Be the change you want to see in the world, pay for your carrier bag. (Getty Stock Photo)

Spokesman for BusinessWaste, Mark Hall, said: “While it’s always better to be prepared and reuse the bags you already have, at least it softens the blow of having to shell out for a bag if you know that the money is going to a good cause.

“And if you are part of the 30% who have admitting to nicking one, then technically you’re stealing from charity. It is not a victimless crime.”

The charge for carrier bags started off in 2015 with shops having to charge at least 5p for them, before this minimum fee was doubled in 2021.

While it might seem annoying to have to pay for plastic bags, the fee has helped Brits massively cut down on consumption.

In 2014, there were a grand total of 7.6 billion single use plastic bags given to customers in England, but ever since charges were brought in, use has dropped by a whopping 95 percent.

Save the planet and send money towards a good cause? Pay for your carrier bags.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Images

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