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Walmart customer fumes after comparing retail giant’s shopping carts to Target



SHOPPERS slammed Walmart after a popular video compared the retailer’s shopping carts with other stores.

The video was shared on X, formerly known as Twitter with the caption, “Target carts float on air, I swear. Walmart carts feel like you hit every pot hole!”


Shoppers slammed Walmart shopping carts after a social media influencer made a video poking fun at themCredit: Getty
Several people praised Target shopping carts, describing them as 'smooth' compared to Walmart


Several people praised Target shopping carts, describing them as ‘smooth’ compared to WalmartCredit: Getty
However, Walmart shoppers say the retailer's carts are difficult to use


However, Walmart shoppers say the retailer’s carts are difficult to useCredit: AFP

“They need an alignment and an oil change,” the post continued. “I hate it.”

However, the video was originally posted to Instagram by the user @FunnyAzzJim, who describes himself as “your favorite hood comedian.”

The minute-long clip opens with onscreen text reading “How it is getting a cart from anywhere vs. Walmart.”

For the first 40 seconds, Jim is seen getting shopping carts from several stores such as Target, Family Dollar, and Dollar General.

However, it’s much more difficult when Jim tries to grab a cart from Walmart.

Some of the carts are stuck together, forcing Jim to try to wrestle it away.

At one point, he even gets on top of the carts to get one free before giving up and walking out of the store.

Walmart will take all your energy for shopping on getting a cart,” read the original caption.

Other shoppers agreed with the humorous video, sharing their own experiences in the comment section.

“And when you finally get a cart from Walmart, one of the wheels are messed up on it,” read one comment.

‘I don’t remember reading that in the brochure!’ laughs Walmart Plus member after witnessing ‘ruckus’ over shopping cart.mp4

Target‘s carts are cream of the crop, they sooo smooth,” read another comment. “Walmarts come straight from Temu.”

A third wrote: “Walmart carts have you fighting for your life!”


The retail giant announced a major change regarding its shopping carts but shoppers aren’t happy.

A new cart design was unveiled at a store in Mayfield, Kentucky back in September, however, it was immediately surrounded by controversy.

Each cart is slightly taller than normal and comes with a cell phone and cup holder as an added convenience, said Walmart.

However, many customers complained the carts were too tall and were hard to use in stores.

Walmart stores closed in 2024

So far, Walmart has closed the following stores in 2024:

  • San Diego, California – February 9
  • El Cajon, California – February 9
  • Columbus, Ohio – February 16
  • West Covina, California – March 29
  • Towson, Maryland – April 5
  • Granite Bay, California – April 12
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin – May 19
  • Fremont, California – May 24

Walmart shared a video on Facebook showing off the new design which left shoppers enraged.

“The new Walmart shopping carts make me feel like a dwarf. But then again, I have no clue how a short person will push them?” read one comment.

“These really are awful for anyone with any problems especially someone shorter. I am now sitting at home in pain between my shoulder blades and my arm,” wrote another person.

“Someone definitely did not think things through with the design. It’s the most ridiculous thing to come out.”

The U.S. Sun has reached out to Walmart for comment.

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