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Video: Unraveling The Story Of The Vacheron Constantin Berkley Grand Complication, The Most Complicated Watch In The World



About a month before Watches & Wonders, a Vacheron Constantin team member told me something big would come from the Maison just ahead of the trade show. They also told me they thought I would be uniquely suited to cover the news, which to me meant only one thing: there was a pocket watch coming from Vacheron. For all the jokes from friends and colleagues, my passion for horology started with pocket watches, and I will forever be curious when a modern brand taps into that old style of watchmaking to do something interesting. But when I found out what Vacheron had in store, it wasn’t just interesting, it was also historic. As it turns out, the watch was called the Berkley Grand Complication, the most complicated watch in the world, and I knew that had to see it for myself.

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