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Victoria Beckham reacts to Kim Kardashian turning up late to fashion show



Victoria Beckham’s surprising reaction to Kim Kardashian tuning up late to her Paris fashion show.

Victoria Beckham had a surprising reaction to Kim Kardashian tuning up late to her Paris fashion show.

If there’s one person’s fashion show I wouldn’t want to be running late for, it’s probably Victoria Beckham’s.

But I guess when you’re a Kardashian, you can kind of get away with a bit more.

In a recent episode of The Kardashian’s, which streams on Hulu, Kim, Kris Jenner, and her partner Corey Gamble, were invited to Victoria’s fashion show as part of Paris Fashion Week.

But they weren’t the only Kardashian-Jenner’s in attendance, Kendall Jenner had been asked by Victoria herself to close the show.

The Kardashians turned up 20 minutes late. (Hulu)

The Kardashians turned up 20 minutes late. (Hulu)

Victoria, 50, has known the famous family since 2019, but disaster struck when the Kardashian clan arrived at the show 20 minutes late.

The show documents them getting stuck in traffic, and there was one unexpected guest that didn’t approve of their lateness.

That was none other than the longtime editor of Vogue, Anna Wintour, who sat next to David Beckham on the front row.

Once everyone was settled, Kendall closed the show wearing a black suit with boxy black glasses.

And the best thing, the Kardashian family didn’t even recognise her on the runway!

Victoria dealt with the situation surprisingly well, and rushed over to Kim saying: “She closed, she was the last one, she was the final girl.”

A producer then spoke to Kim, and said: “I feel like you should get a big pair of glasses.”

Kim agreed: “I should, I need them.”

Victoria said that despite the debacle, Kim was ‘so sweet and kind’, whilst Kim responded saying ‘she’s the best’.

Victoria Beckham chose Kendall Jenner to close the show. (Hulu)

Victoria Beckham chose Kendall Jenner to close the show. (Hulu)

Kim said in the programme: “I came to support Victoria, I came to support Kendall, I love seeing my mum.”

Kim has been a longtime fan of Victoria’s, she admitted to growing up admiring The Spice Girls, and claimed that on the last season of Kardashians, she was once asked to fill in for Posh Spice on their tour.

On the show, she said that bandmate Mel C asked her to help out, after realising she had performed as Posh for a talent show, once upon a time.

She said: “Sporty Spice wrote a book and she signed it inside and she sent it to me.

“It said they were going on tour and they needed a Posh and would I be the Posh?

“I am sure she was joking but when I was in high school would I ever have thought that this was like a thing?

“I am just a girl from high school who loves the Spice Girls and now they are asking me?”

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