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Up Your Travel Game With These Luxurious First-Class Cabin Amenity Kits



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The opulence of first-class travel starts when you enter the airport and lasts until you reach your destination! The spacious and well-designed cabin suites, a five-star menu, the finest collection of alcohol and expansive amenities all come together to offer the most magnificent experience on board. Our detailed guide explores the most luxurious first-class cabin amenity kits offered by top airlines, providing everything you need to feel pampered and refreshed during your journey.

Upgrade your next flight experience with the luxurious world of first-class cabin amenities.

Best first-class cabin kits for the most luxurious experience on your next flight

Air India

first-class cabin kits
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Air India’s revamped first-class cabin kits are all about luxury and glamour. Partnering with TUMI and Ferragamo, they feature sleek vegan leather cases by TUMI containing eye masks, socks, earplugs, a dental kit, and tissues. For a touch of indulgence, Ferragamo body lotion, hand cream lip balm, and Eau de Parfum complete the set.

Air France

first-class cabin kits
Image credit: Air France

Air France’s renowned La Première cabin offers some of the most luxurious aviation experiences! While the airline’s lounges and seats are renowned, their first-class cabin kits are equally impressive. Passengers enjoy the finest skin care products from Sisley, the French luxury cosmetics brand. Curated amenity kits offer a choice between anti-ageing replenishing or moisturising rituals, each containing a black rose cream mask, hydrating booster serum, anti-ageing hydration booster moisturising serum, black rose water balm, and an all-day anti-ageing day cream. Additional amenities include a La Première pen, a wooden comb, earplugs, and a night mask. Dental and shaving kits are available in the lavatory. These elegant first-class cabin kits come in two colours: Air France red and pearl grey.


first-class cabin kits
Image credit: Emirates

Emirates has collaborated with Bulgari to create four stylish designs for its first-class cabin amenity kits. Passengers can choose from black vegan leather with lilac accents or high-quality black fabric with tan vegan leather accents, all available in two sizes.

The black-lilac amenity kit features a Bulgari LE GEMME DESIRIA Eau de Parfum, lip balm, and face and body emulsion, along with a dental kit, cleansing towel, deodorant, tissues, hairbrush, and a gold Bulgari engraved mirror. The black-tan amenity kit offers Bulgari LE GEMME Gyan Eau de Parfum, after-shave balm, lip balm, and body emulsion, along with a razor, shaving foam, dental kit, deodorant, cleansing towel, tissues, and hairbrush.


Image credit: SWISS Air

SWISS first-class amenity kits are exclusive collectables, with designs and colours rotating throughout the year. Zimmerli, the sustainable Swiss brand, offers two classic kits – a shoulder bag and an iPad case – in black, Bordeaux, and warm grey. Inside, passengers will find luxury Swiss brands like Rohner (socks), VIU (eyewear cleaning cloths), Ricola (herbal candies), Soeder (dental hygiene set), and skincare products. Shaving kits are available upon request.

Singapore Airlines

As the world’s best first-class airline of 2023, Singapore Airlines impresses at every touchpoint, including its amenity kits! The glamorous first-class seat promises endless luxury during the flight, and the kit enhances the experience. Lalique curated Singapore Airlines’ first-class cabin kits, offering three unique sets for men, women, and unisex passengers.

The male and female cabin kits carry Lalique’s Eau de Toilette, lip balm, lotion, and face mist in feminine and masculine scents. The unisex cabin kit stands out from the rest as it also features soap, room spray, and a plastic bag. Additionally, there is no dental and shaving set in either one of the sets; they are available in the lavatory.

All Nippon Airways (ANA)

All Nippon Airways (ANA)
Image credit: All Nippon Airways (ANA)

ANA partners with Ettinger, the London-based luxury leather goods brand, to create exclusive first-class cabin amenity kits. These leather kits feature skincare products from the renowned Japanese beauty brand SENSAI, ensuring passengers feel rejuvenated throughout their flight. Each kit contains SENSAI’s toner, cream, and lip balm, along with Ettinger’s card case and an ANA original reusable bag. Shaving and dental kits are available in the lavatory.

Cathay Pacific

first-class cabin kits
Image credit: Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific’s first-class flyers can find beauty and skincare products from Bamford on board their flight. The British premium lifestyle brand has curated kits for men and women, catering to individual skincare needs. All first-class cabin kits feature an eye mask, dental kit, mouthwash and ear plugs. The women’s kit has a four-stage Bamford moisturising routine, while the men’s kit includes facial mist, lip balm, moisturiser and a shaving kit.

Japan Airlines

Zero Halliburton, the premium American luggage brand, and Heralbony, the experimental art agency, have collaborated to create Japan Airlines’ first-class cabin amenity kits. Featuring L’Occitane products and the iconic MISOKA Bamboo Toothbrush, these amenity kits provide a moisture sheet mask, tissues, eye mask, ear plugs, hairbrush, hand cream and lip balm. They also provide a SHISEIDO personal care set upon request.

British Airways

Relax in a British Airways first-class seat and enjoy the luxurious products from Elemis, the renowned British skincare brand. Both women and men receive customised cabin kits tailored to their respective skincare needs. The women’s amenity kit includes a mirror, ear plugs, comb, eye mask, face wipe, pen, dental kit, socks, Elemis’ eye cream, moisturiser, lip balm, hand cream, and face mist. The men’s kit boasts all the same amenities, with the addition of Elemis shaving gel, moisturiser, lip balm, and a relaxing pulse-point oil.

Oman Air

Oman Air, the flag carrier of Oman, celebrates its heritage through a collaboration with Amouage, a luxury Omani fragrance brand. First-class cabin amenity kits come in two stylish options: a sandy hue for women and a cocoa colour for men. The star of the amenity kit is the Amouage perfumes, along with a vanity kit for women and a shaving set for men. Both kits provide a dental kit, mouthwash, eye mask, hairbrush, socks and earplugs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– What items are usually included in first-class cabin kits?
Most first-class cabin kits include dental kits, moisturisers, lip balms, eye masks, and earplugs.

– Are cabin kits complimentary in first class?
Yes, cabin kits are complimentary with the first-class seat.

– Can I request specific items or additional amenities in my first-class cabin kit?
While first-class amenity kits are pre-assembled, you can inquire with the flight crew if there are any additional amenities available on board that might suit your needs.

– Can I keep the first-class cabin kit after the flight?
Yes, you can keep your first-class cabin kit after the flight.

– Do all airlines offer first-class cabin kits?
Many airlines that offer first-class seating provide amenity kits as part of the premium travel experience.

– Are first-class cabin kits customisable?
No, the first-class cabin kits are not customisable.

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