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Unveiling The Perfect Golf Travel Gear With PXG



For most people, traveling offers an opportunity to explore new destinations. But for avid golfers, it’s the long-awaited chance to play stunning, world-class courses. Fashionable and functional golf outfits and accessories are necessities for the adventurous golfer to make sure they look the part in their travel pictures to those bucket list locations.

As sports and apparel editors, we had to check out what to include in the perfect golf travel bag. We asked one of our sports editors – he’s a golfing fiend – and here’s what he’s shared:

“Personally, I’m a huge fan of PXG – makers of the world’s finest golf equipment and apparel that epitomizes cool, modern style. Their top-selling apparel essentials for men and women combine groundbreaking tech and premium materials. They’ve got everything from golf pants and polos to pullovers and jackets – proving that PXG tech & performance golf apparel is here to play.

As a result, a significant portion – perhaps even the entirety! – of my golf apparel is from PXG.

So, let’s dive in to his recommended styles from the brand.

Essential Golf Pants ($135)

These versatile pants fit any golfer’s wardrobe – exceptional on the green and on a night out with the guys. With front and back pockets, there’s enough space to carry my phone, wallet, and an extra set of golf balls because (full confession) I tend to send a few swimming. At least one pair of PXG Essential Golf Pants – I own 2 pairs – definitely have a permanent spot in my travel bag.

Comfort Fit Broken Panel Polo ($125)

Every golfer knows the value of a reliable polo, so this PXG polo is absolutely critical. It’s clean, classic design exudes endless sophistication. Crafted from light-weight fabric, it keeps me cool and dry throughout all 18 holes.

Perforated Jersey 1/4 Zip Pullover ($165)

Stashing a pullover in my golf bag is non negotiable. PXG’s Perforated Jersey 1/4 Zip Pullover is a game-changer. Its cinched bottom with adjustable toggles allows me to tailor the fit for maximum comfort and style. Not merely practical, it’s downright sleek and up-levels any outfit. This breathable layer keeps me warm, but also sweat free.

Long Sleeve Wedge Collar Polo ($145)

When it comes to golf fashion, you can never have enough polos – but versatility is key. That’s why I’m drawn to PXG’s must-have long-sleeve polo. Crafted from premium Italian fabric, it boasts two-way stretch and UV protection for those sunny rounds. Long sleeves always give me that edgy look I crave, and land me a ton of compliments.

6 Panel High Crown Snapback Hat ($40)

Your golf travel bag is only complete with a reliable hat. PXG hats feature breathable mesh on the back and side panels, providing airflow throughout the day. The adjustable snapback closure guarantees a fantastic fit for golfers of all sizes – no one’s left out.

Solid PXG Belt ($95)

Many country clubs require belts, so it’s smart to pack one. This PXG belt works well on the green or at the office. It’s made with premium cotton and mahogany leather, replete with a matte black buckle. I went with classic black, but there’s also a terrific gray option.

With its subtle repeating logo pattern, it lends a finishing flourish to any ensemble, no matter if I’m teeing off or sealing deals.

Men’s Players Glove ($24)

There’s nothing worse than playing a round without a glove. That’s why I always pack my PXG Men’s Players Glove. 100% AAA Cabretta leather makes it super soft. Its ultra-smooth feel gets tacky when wet, ensuring a firm grip even in less-than-ideal conditions. With this glove, my golf game goes from good to great. It’s a fundamental companion on the course — I wouldn’t dream of playing without it!

Now that we’ve established what’s in the dream golf travel bag, are you satisfied?

Personally, I wouldn’t trade a single item in my golf bag – I rely on each one. But, I’m going to acquire a few more PXG pieces to boost versatility. Maybe toss in a few more polos. I’m thinking the Comfort Fit Broken Stripe Fineline Polo ($125) orthe Comfort Fit Fineline Polo ($115) to switch things up.

When the weather calls for it, I’ll definitely consider adding the Icon Stripe 1/4 Zip Pullover ($175) to my collection. But I really couldn’t shake off the idea of including the Packable Lightweight Hooded Windbreaker ($220), especially for those cooler days out on the course or for golf getaways in the Pacific Northwest.”

Stop debating about what you should include in your golf travel bag and go with PXG’s standout apparel and high-tech equipment that make tackling 18 holes a breeze. Let’s face it, you’re investing in yourself and your golfing journey.

So, don’t let your golf gear hold you back — upgrade your bag with PXG!

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