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‘Trashy’ fashion fans yell the moment they see Fashion Nova’s denim collection



FASHION fans have been left flabbergasted by Fashion Nova’s latest advert on their new denim campaign.

With summer around the corner, we’re all planning to get more of our flesh out and ditch the layers.


Fashion Nova showcased their new denim collectionCredit: instagram/novaswim

But the fashion brand has sparked controversy with their latest summer campaign featuring two beautiful models by the pool.

The post read: “Summer Vibes Are High + Calling You And Your Bestie.”

In the clip, one of the models was seen wearing a pair of ‘baggy 90s style’ jeans – or so it seemed.

Why? That’s trashy.

Instagram User

While the models strutted their stuff for, the models could be seen wearing baggy jeans and cropped white tees.

Underneath, both sported a classic black triangle bikini.

All seemed as it should be until the models turned away from the lense of the camera.

As they did, one model’s jeans seemed to have not been finished as viewers got an eyeful they weren’t expecting.

As she walked away, her derrière was on full display as the jeans seemed to have been cut right by the bottom.

The daring denim has some fashionistas puzzled and some even claimed it was trashy.

As the clip goes on the models strip down to their bikinis and relax on sun loungers by the pool.

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People were stunned when the models turned around


People were stunned when the models turned aroundCredit: instagram/novaswim

After looking at the website for the jeans – it seems that the racy style was made just for the advert and aren’t available to buy.

The post on Fashion Nova’s swimwear account @novaswim received a mixed reaction from fashion fans.

While some said they loved the aesthetic, others claimed the jeans were trashy and ridiculous.

One person wrote: “Really? Wow beyond ridiculous, nothing against the beautiful girls.”

Fashion Nova Controversies

It’s not the first time the fashion brand, which launched in 2006 has gone viral for it’s risque outfits.

  • One top the brand launched was compared to a ‘hand towel’ for it’s lack of fabric.
  • It’s not the first time they’ve released jeans to show off the goods – selling cut-out trousers that leave little to the imagination.
  • Shoppers couldn’t help but laugh as they launched a beach cover up that covers… nothing.
  • The clothing line’s take on Halloween costumes left many claiming their childhood was ruined.
  • While one dress design was so complex it left shoppers unable to wear it.

Another commented: “Why? That’s trashy.”

“You wear pants weird,” penned a third.

Others seemed to be huge fans of the jeans.

Meanwhile a fourth said: “I need those jeans.”

“I’m in love,” claimed a fifth.

Someone else added: “Absolutely beautiful.”

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