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Tom Holland’s hacked X account posts about cryptocurrency, fans react



Spider-Man star Tom Holland is in the news again, not for a new film or spilling out some spoilers but for his social media account which reportedly got hacked. 

Tom has had a limited social media presence, so his recent post on social media platform X surprised his fans. On April 16, Tom seemingly posted a cryptic hint about a partnership with a cryptocurrency platform. The now-deleted post urged followers to register for early access to a new Digital currency called $SPIDER coin, supposedly linked to a Spider-Verse project.

Tom Holland’s X Account Suspected Hacked

Considering Tom is mostly inactive on social media, the Marvel actor’s post thus created confusion among his fans. Users felt it was unlikely that Holland would promote cryptocurrency, leading to speculations that his account was hacked.

Holland’s account bio was also altered to display a link related to the alleged partnership.

Another post on Tom’s page was a selfie of an unidentified person, presumably of the hacker. 

The post included a caption referencing a scene from the Sam Raimi-directed early 2000s Spider-Man movie starring Tobey Maguire.

The crypto-post and photo-posts are now deleted.

How fans reacted to the posts

The incident sparked a flurry of posts by the actor’s fans. While some fans were relieved that he genuinely hadn’t endorsed cryptocurrency, others seized the opportunity to poke fun at the bizarre turn of events.

Some rued the fact that the hacker didn’t exploit the opportunity to create fake Spider-Man 4 teasers.

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