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‘This is the real world and this is real money:’ All new Children’s Entrepreneur Market to Maifest



COVINGTON, Ky. — Kids are now getting a taste of the real world at Maifest participating at the all new Children’s Entrepreneur Market.

“This is the real world and this is real money,” Cincinnati manager for the market Mckenzie Campbell shared. “And so they’re learning those real, I mean, those real things that are happening, but it just really allows those conversations of economics to start early in a way that they understand.”

At Maifest, you can expect to see lemonade stands, dog treats, jewelry and so much more.

The Children’s Entrepreneur Market initiative start in Utah and has since grown reaching right here at home.

There are 6 chances to attend the market throughout this year in Cincinnati and Kentucky. Check the schedule for each market here.

Campbell said she has three kids that will be selling at the market. Proud and very excited, she said, is how this market makes her feel.

“So fun,” she said with a smile. “Like getting to see it from the get go of what they want to sell and what we need to sell it. And you know, we have a business plan for them to kind of look at. So as parents, we love it and we love to see your child, our Children flourish.”

For more information on this Children’s Entrepreneur Market in Covington and others to come visit this website.

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