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These Cities’ Job Markets Are A-Plus for Young Workers



As young adults launch their work lives after graduation, where to start off is one of the biggest questions at top of mind. That could mean relocation is in the cards, notes Quartz—so enter LinkedIn, which just put out its 2024 “kickstarting your career” primer, including the top cities in America for eager beavers still new to the workforce. The careers site ranked the fastest-growing cities in terms of the job market by looking at the first city that LinkedIn members put down as the city they worked in after graduating. It also compared the hiring share for those regions in 2023 to 2022’s. The South performed big, but it’s Tucson, Arizona, that comes in at No. 1. Here, the other cities rounding out the top 10, plus their top industry:

  1. Tucson, Arizona; manufacturing
  2. Tallahassee, Florida; government administration
  3. Gainesville, Florida; education
  4. Chattanooga, Tennessee; manufacturing
  5. Savannah, Georgia; manufacturing
  6. Des Moines, Iowa; professional services
  7. Birmingham, Alabama; professional services
  8. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; hospitals and health care
  9. Huntsville-Decatur, Alabama; manufacturing
  10. Hartford, Connecticut; manufacturing

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