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These cats at Arizona Humane Society are looking for jobs, and some love of course



All cats are not the same, and that’s why the Arizona Humane Society has a way to find homes for cats who live a little outside the box.

Every cat that goes through AHS is checked for behavior, and some felines are just not meant for indoor life.

“We really had a need for these cats that just aren’t quite friendly enough for adoption, and we wanted to find them places to go. Obviously, people aren’t always looking for a cat that doesn’t want to snuggle with you and hang out,” said Kayla Weber with AHS.

So these cats are called “working cats.”

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“Our working cats are not suitable for indoor living, so they aren’t able to go up for general adoption,” Weber said.

For a $25 adoption, some of the cute kitties at AHS can live outdoors, working hard on your property while lounging in the sun.

“Businesses, brewers, warehouses, greenhouses and also just farms,” Weber explained. “They help with pest control.”

That’s the working part – pest control. No chemicals or trapping. It’s just the cats doing the work.

“It’s environmentally safe for their area, safe for the cats and obviously a wonderful place for the cats because they get water, food, shelter, love and cars. The cats provide them with a service too,” Weber said.

They’re spayed and neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, just like every other cat adopted from the AHS.

The only difference is, these cats have jobs.

Learn more about Arizona Humane’s Working Cats program by clicking here.

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