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These Are Indiana’s Highest Paying Jobs in 2024



Over time, things change. We get tired doing the same thing every day and just want to wake up and go to a place where we can live out our passion or career goals. I believe everyone has considered a career jump at some point or another in their lives. It’s certainly normal, and I have known many people who took different paths than they originally set out to take, only to become much more content in the end.

If you’ve been thinking about a career change, there are certainly some jobs here in Indiana that will offer you a rewarding career. In fact, some of the best-paying jobs in the state don’t even require you to have a college degree. Here are the top five highest-paying jobs in Indiana:

Power Lineman

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According to ZipRecruiter, a power lineman can make anywhere from $65,700 to $129,400 per year. This job entails working to maintain and repair utility lines when needed, which is often outside of normal nine-to-five hours. Additionally, some people in this role may also be tasked with teaching an apprentice how to do the job. The average pay for a lineman apprentice in the State of Indiana is about $26 per hour.

Box Truck Owner Operator

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Box truck owner-operators can also make a decent living in Indiana, with a broad salary range of $47,600 to $142,700 per year. ZipRecruiter says that a box truck owner-operator is a truck driver who simply moves cargo using their own truck, which can either be owned or leased. According to Wisner Baum, one wouldn’t need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) for this job unless the truck being used weighs over 26,000 pounds.

Nurse Practitioner

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ZipRecruiter reports that nurse practitioners can make $102,800 to $142,700 per year. The site also adds that these nurses are known as advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), with responsibilities exceeding those of regular nurses. APRNs are educated and trained professionals who can prescribe medication or provide treatment much like a regular physician.

Pilot Car Driver

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I honestly did not expect a pilot car driver to make it on this list, so that is pretty cool. According to ZipRecruiter, pilot car drivers can make around $95,200 to $147,500 per year. Their duties include guiding trucks carrying large loads, like modular homes or aircraft wings. You’ve probably seen them on the road in front of large shipments with flashing yellow lights and flags that say “oversize load.”

Dedicated Owner Operator

U.S. Trucking Industry Faces Major Slump Due To China Tariffs And Bad Weather

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ZipRecruiter reports that dedicated owner-operators are truckers with a dedication to one company. They drive consistent routes and are not able to take on other jobs. However, these drivers can make anywhere from $61,870 to $249,357 per year. So, if you like to drive, the trucking industry could be for you.

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