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Target Employee Takes a Chance on Fashion Design Dreams. Years Later, Her Collection Is Available in Stores (Exclusive)



  • Jenee Naylor started sharing her fashion insights on her blog, High Low Luxxe
  • While she was creating fashion content and building her brand, Naylor worked at Target for over a decade
  • On Sunday, May 19, Naylor got to see her collection, part of Target’s Future Collective line, in stores for the first time, telling PEOPLE about the experience

Jenee Naylor is enjoying a “full-circle moment” in a very special place.

Naylor, the content creator behind High Low Luxxe, is launching her first collection, part of Target’s Future Collective line. The newly minted designer saw her collection in store for the first time on Sunday, May 19, at the Alexandria, Virginia, Target location.

The moment was extra special for Naylor, who spent 11 years as a Target employee, working her way up to team lead before making the switch to fashion full-time. Speaking with PEOPLE about her journey to this moment, Naylor says this experience “means everything.”

“People ask me all the time if I’ll ever launch my own clothing brand, and I truly think a partnership like this is the closest I’ll ever get,” she says. “Partnering, however, with a brand that I have such deep ties to is really something special and I’m still processing it all!”

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Jenee Naylor during her time working at Target.

Courtesy of Jenee Naylor

Naylor has had a “passion for fashion” for a long time and knew it was something she was passionate about, even before her days at Target.

“I would always sketch designs in school, and ultimately, I ended up pursuing a degree in fashion merchandising. It wasn’t until I was working full-time at Target when I started posting my outfits on social media and really falling in love with the community I was growing,” the content creator explains.

Naylor worked her way up from an associate to a team lead during her time at Target. Despite maintaining a “super busy schedule,” she found time for creating her fashion content.

Jenee Naylor and her team during her time at Target.

Courtesy of Jenee Naylor

“I would create batch content during my days off to have enough interesting things to post throughout the week. Being consistent on Instagram led to a full-fledged blog, which quickly turned into a YouTube channel during the pandemic,” she explains. “I’m so grateful to say my community has been steadily growing ever since!”

In getting to meet some fans of her content, Naylor realized the true impact the community she was building had.

“I had the chance to meet some of my online community in person, specifically at my first DC bloggers event that I attended in 2019. That’s still one of my favorite parts about this ‘job,’ is meeting and interacting with my audience face-to-face. I especially enjoy talking to content creators because I know how important it is to stay inspired throughout this seemingly unconventional journey.”

Jenee Naylor checking out her collection at Target in Alexandria, Virginia.

Paul Morigi/Getty

Balancing the two was a learning experience for Naylor, who embraced the “uniqueness and individuality” she encountered through content creation.

“Those things are embedded behind every person’s profile,” she notes. “Although creators may gravitate towards similar fashions and trends, there’s always the opportunity to incorporate your own flare and story-tell from your very own perspective.”

Naylor credits her time at Target for teaching her “how to become an effective leader” and how oto “understand the art of project management.”

Jenee Naylor poses with former Target team members celebrating her collection.

Paul Morigi/Getty

“I also learned the importance of creating and implementing routines, which has been a useful tool throughout my entrepreneurial journey. Because my schedule was so busy back then, I had to become really intentional with my time, especially during my days off.”

The designer also shares her appreciation for her family for being her support system throughout her journey.

“My husband has been my biggest supporter! So much so that he traded in his corporate career to join me full-time as a creative and photographer/videographer,” she praises. “It’s such a privilege being able to do this kind of work together. My mom has also been my biggest rock and inspiration!”

Jenee Naylor shows off pieces from her collection.

Paul Morigi/Getty

When that routine led to success and a massive growth in her social media footprint, Naylor had to move on from Target.

“I decided to take a chance on myself and began taking my content creation journey even more seriously. The rest is history!”

Getting to reunite with Target for the Future Collective was a fun and “really hands-on design process” for Naylor.

“Although there are lots of staples within this collection, I’m really excited to see how people style everything with their own twist. That’s why helping my audience to find their personal style is so important to me, because it’s such an integral part of who you are and how you choose to show up in the world,” she shares.

Jenee Naylor’s collection displayed at Target.

Paul Morigi/Getty

“One thing that I’m the most proud of is the sheer level of detail, design and quality that went into each piece. Even though the inspiration was resortwear, I also love how versatile the collection is.”

Naylor hopes that seeing how her journey progressed will inspire others to chase their dreams. She shares her advice for other people who are pursuing a big dream while also working a day-to-day job and figuring out what makes sense for them.

“Strategy and consistency is the ultimate formula; take it from me! If you can maintain both your full-time job and your creative venture(s), without compromising your performance, do so for as long as you can,” she shares.

“If there comes a point where you have to choose, make sure you have a realistic plan in place to map out your next move. I’m all for chasing your dreams, but planning and preparation are key. All in all, don’t ever stop chasing your dreams until they come to fruition!”

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