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Infra Leads The Way In Helping Agencies Scale 10x More Efficiently By Reframing Offers as ‘AI Growth Infrastructures’



Adopting the “AI Growth Infrastructure” model has enabled’s partners to see significant revenue increases and reduced churn rates. The company’s approach has enabled thousands of agency owners and consultants to scale their businesses tenfold more efficiently in the saturated market today. has stepped up efforts to transform the landscape for marketing agencies and consultants by reframing their services as “AIGrowth Infrastructures.” This approach has enabled commoditized agency owners to scale their businesses tenfold more efficiently, differentiating themselves in the saturated market.

“Facebook ads and coaching services just aren’t hitting like they used to,” says Wyatt Roderick, founder of “We are now in the A.I trend, and with the current market sophistication, old trends won’t cut it. Simply reframing your services as an ‘AI Growth Infrastructure’ will 10x the offer desirability, allowing agencies and consultants to swim away from the red ocean market of thousands of agencies selling the same saturated offers to a wide blue ocean of agencies selling A.I Infrastructures.”’s approach has already shown significant results. Partners have experienced an average revenue increase of 219% within the first six months, a 369% increase in sales calls, and a 98% reduction in churn rates. These statistics underscore the success of reframing offers as “AI Growth Infrastructures” to make them 10x more desirable. offers a comprehensive set of programs, tools, and resources, including AIGI University. This free educational platform provides access to a community of thousands selling AI infrastructures, a 59-module course on how to sell AI Growth Infrastructures and weekly calls with Wyatt Roderick himself. The free community aims to educate participants on the power of selling AI Growth Infrastructures and guide them on making substantial profits selling AI.

Every guru teaches how to build chatbots and automate tasks with AI, no one teaches how to actually sell AI. According to Wyatt Roderick, this is because these gurus don’t even know how to sell AI themselves. The AIGI University aims to fill the gap by sharing the exact methods he used to make money with AI, methods he learned through experience and perseverance.

Wyatt Roderick, who makes over $70,000 a week while still in school selling AI Infrastructures, began his journey through numerous struggles and hardships. He founded to help other agencies, consultancies, or people looking to start one to be able to sell A.I while leveraging him and his team to fulfill on the A.I development.

The AIGI Program 2.0 is his flagship program where he partners with agencies and consultants to allow them to sell these A.I Growth Infrastructures while handling 100% of fulfillment. Because Wyatt and his team only succeed when their partners acquire clients, they give all their partners access to the same data and insights on selling A.I that is responsible for his scaling to over $100k per month at 16 years old and scaling his partners (in the AIGI Program 2.0) to multiple 6-figure run rates as well.

Wyatt Roderick adds, “We believe in providing not just the fulfillment team that took us to over $100k per month but the exact sales processes, proven ads, offers, and insights that took us there as well.”

Wyatt Roderick’s journey to establishing began with selling AI services to businesses of all sizes. He built a high-performing development team and discovered the potential of combining traditional agency services with AI, coining the term “AI Growth Infrastructure.” This resulted in exponential growth for him and his company and the emergence of a new realm of possibility for the business owners on the receiving end.

Now, he and his team exclusively partner with agencies and consultancies, allowing them to sell their services as AI infrastructures while utilizing’s development team as a white-label fulfillment partner. Wyatt Roderick adds, “We have the development team to take over every industry, but we rely on our partners for industry-specific leadership and knowledge.” has urged marketing agencies and consultants to join over 3,000 others who have successfully transitioned to reframing their services as “AI Growth Infrastructures.” This shift is not only a response to market demand but also a step toward an AI-driven future in which millions of businesses use AI in their everyday operations.

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