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Swerve outlasts Christian & The Patriarchy to keep the World title



If the feud between AEW World champion Swerve Strickland and Christian Cage didn’t already feel like a war, Swerve patterning his entrance and attire on the Walter Hill classic The Warriors really drove the point home.

The champ’s gang only consists of Prince Nana now that Cage convinced Mogul Embassy to turn on Strickland, while all three members of The Patriarchy were ringside with the challenger. Nick Wayne was the first to get involved, but it was when his mother tried to introduce the title belt that the group made the biggest difference of the night. Nana took it from the Waynes, but referee Paul Turner only saw him with it and ejected him!

Even with the four-on-one advantage, Swerve maintained control. That cause The Patriarchy to get more aggressive. He evaded a Killswitch attack that Christian took instead, and Turner eventually wised up and threw all three of them out too.

Once it was finally a true one-on-one affair, Cage & Strickland battled on the apron over a set of steps Swerve had pulled away from the ring. It was the champ who ended up bouncing off them face-first. That allowed Nick Wayne to sneak back in and hit him with a running cutter, but Nana returned to chase him off with a steel pipe.

That led to a Swerve Stomp on the announce desk (that almost got Strickland counted out), and another in the ring. After a House Call, Turner put the World title over Swerve’s shoulder after a chaotic PPV defense. The champ went ringside for a quick celebration with boxing legend — and former WrestleMania star — Floyd Mayweather.

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