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Sports Spotlight: Charlie Vig



BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) – Charlie Vig is a hockey player from a hockey family, but in the Spring, instead of the ice, he’s on the diamond.

“The transition is actually very hard for me because I’m a big hockey guy, but you know as soon as the sun comes out we go to a couple of open gyms, hang out with the boys like I said and it definitely just becomes baseball season, it just happens naturally,” said Vig.

Vig thinks very highly of the coaches he’s played for in Bismarck.

“Troy Olson— he’s been my coach in both hockey and baseball, I love that man. And Schweigert, he’s been great, love him as a baseball coach,” said Vig.

Century head coach Kent Schweigert has seen many a hockey player play baseball for him, and he thinks that hockey players just make out as good baseball players.

“We’ve had a lot of hockey players over the years play baseball, and I like hockey players playing baseball. They got good wrists. They’re good with the bat at the plate and everything because they’re used to that. Hockey is very competitive,” said Schweigert.

It’s not so much a matter of when Vig is on the field as much as where he is. His versatility has been a huge boost for Century.

“Charlie is a kid that can play every position. He’s a real good catcher, he can play center field for us when we need him, we’re playing him in the outfield, but when we had to use him in the infield, we can use him in the infield too. He’s really a natural athlete and really a good athlete,” said Schweigert of Vig’s versatility.

“Pretty much anyone who’s pitching, he can fill in their spot, which is a key, key asset for us. Having someone who’s a Swiss army knife like him, it helps us so much,” said Century’s Gavin Lill. “Charlie’s a great guy, I love that man. I’ve been playing baseball with him forever it feels like. He’s such a great guy, you talk about a teammate, he’s just the best teammate you can ask for.”

Vig has played countless hockey and baseball games over the years, but his favorite memory is playing with his brother Max, who has gone on to play in the NAHL for the Oklahoma Warriors and is committed to playing for the Bemidji State Beavers.

“Played a couple of seasons with him in baseball, I played a season with him in hockey, and that was awesome. And then also just playing with my friends every day. I get to see them every day at practice and at the rink, whether it’s at the rink or the baseball diamond,” said Vig.

Vig and the Patriots will be back in action on Friday as they play Mandan.

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