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Solo travel is only getting more popular



Solo travel is only getting more popular

More travelers are discovering the joys of traveling solo this year, with new data from Squaremouth reporting that 42% of travelers are planning on taking a trip all on their own this year.

The travel insurance comparison site asked more than 2,600 customers their thoughts on solo travel and found that 87% of solo trippers are going internationally. Only 13% of solo travelers want to travel domestically.

When many people think of solo travel, they often think of lone backpackers staying in hostels to save money on their European tours, but that isn’t the case for everyone. In fact, 53% of solo travelers expect to spend over $3,000 on their vacation.

We’ve been writing about a growth in solo travel for the past few years, but 2024 has seen a boom in interest for travelers heading out to discover the world on their own: It’s leading many travel companies to consider more solo options, such as cruise lines building new ships with more solo cabin categories.

Additionally, the Adventure Travel Trade Association’s 2024 Industry Outlook report found that women over 50 are leading the solo travel trend. Younger women are also a large part of the trend, with Contiki travel company reporting in 2023 that 62% of its solo trips were booked by women ages 18-35.

Solo travel isn’t without its concerns, though: 46% of solo travelers are mostly concerned with experiencing a medical emergency while traveling alone, with another 22% concerned about crime rates and staying safe on their own.

“Now more than ever, travelers are deciding to embark on solo trips,” says Jenna Hummer, public relations director at Squaremouth. “With the busy summer travel season approaching, it’s important that solo travelers know how to protect themselves and their expenses while on vacation.”

Squaremouth suggests purchasing a travel insurance plan that provides cancellation coverage, a travel medical insurance plan for international travel and a plan with identity theft protection to help you should you lose important ID, credit or debit cards.

Additionally, a travel insurance plan with 24-hour assistance is also recommended for travelers heading anywhere on their own.

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