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SiouxFalls.Business Report: Retail Week trends to track & Hallmark returns



SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) – Jodi Schwan with SiouxFalls.Business visited to discuss some changes on the horizon in the retail landscape, including the return of Hallmark.

Retail in the area is constantly evolving, especially as the Sioux Falls area grows.

There are some potential changes on the horizon and trends we’re seeing.

We call this Retail Week at as we check in with what retail concepts are growing and maybe looking to come to town.

It’s a tough one this year because a lot of retailers are being extra cautious about opening new locations given everything from construction and financing costs to concerns about the consumer pulling back a bit.

In terms of who is building, think convenience stores and car washes, smoke shops and quick-service restaurants.

A lot of this is value-driven and is from businesses that have the financial power to still do deals right now.

The other thing to watch is indoor entertainment and sports centers that both are looking at available space or maybe building new.

Expect more news on expanding concepts and other retail updates this week and next.

Sticking with retail, there’s a spot just north of the Empire Mall that’s getting a lot of attention from businesses.

There are some good retail success stories in Sioux Falls, and one of them is the Empire Place development.

You might remember that kicked off a few years ago with big new names like Chipotle and Chick-fil-A.

And now, they’re filling in the final spaces with some more traditional retail including the return of Hallmark to Sioux Falls.

The national gift retailer closed a few years ago when a franchisee retired, and there’s now a new franchisee bringing it back at Empire Place in front of the Empire Mall before this holiday season.

Also one to watch at Empire Place is the new Flyboy Donuts, which could open by the end of the month.

They see this as their flagship store in town, so we’re excited to get a look at it.

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