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Shenkar College launches unique course in fashion design management



Shenkar College launches unique course in fashion design management

The fashion design department at Shenkar College has announced the opening of a new and unique specialization track of its kind in Israel: fashion design management. This step is a strategic breakthrough for the future of the Israeli and international fashion industry, and offers unique training for the next generation of successful fashion designers, who have a deep knowledge of design along with managerial, commercial and technological skills.

This course taught as part of the first degree in fashion design is the first of its kind in Israel and offers students, along with fashion design tools, managerial and business tools, specialization in business management in Israel and abroad. In the world there are only separate programs for fashion design or fashion management in educational institutions such as London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London (England) and Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) (United States) and the program in fashion design with a specialization track in fashion design management is A unique program in the world that gives students the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in a wide variety of positions in the industry.

The internship track will take place in years 3 and 4. After studying the design introductions and projects in fashion design, contents in the field of trade, modern technologies, digital retail, branding and marketing will be integrated while focusing on the fashion arena. The diverse knowledge they will acquire during the degree will open up to the graduates a wide range of positions adapted to the fashion industry and possibilities to integrate into the commercial and business field of fashion.

(credit: Shenkar PR)

Of the graduates of the fashion design department at Shenkar College, about 20% open an independent business and a unique brand, and are required, beyond design, to manage the business financially. In addition, today there is a demand from senior executives in the fashion industry to fill leading positions with fashion designers who, along with creativity in fashion design, also bring with them the added value – knowledge of economics, fashion marketing, product management and purchasing, trade and sales in fashion, strategy, entrepreneurship and more. 

“The world of fashion has been undergoing an accelerated transformation in recent years,” emphasizes Ilan Beja, head of the fashion design department at Shenkar, “the establishment of the new study track at Shenkar is a significant and unique breakthrough in the academic world. The program was developed based on in-depth research with the participation of senior industry professionals, veteran fashion designers Alongside young people, recent graduates and students in the fashion design department at Shenkar College. I am excited to continue to nurture world-renowned designers, and now also enable them to acquire the business tools necessary for their success. This is a great privilege, a great responsibility and a huge promise for the future of the Israeli and international fashion industry.” 

Ilan Beja, head of the fashion design department at Shankar (credit: IDO LAVIE)

The fashion industry is one of the largest and most important industries in the world. It employs millions of people and is responsible for the design, creation, production, marketing and sale of valuable clothing and accessories. New trends in fashion emerge all the time, and fashion companies are updated with innovations every week. According to estimates, the value of the global fashion industry is about 2.5 trillion dollars. And it is growing at a rate of about 4% per year, and is expected to continue growing in the coming years. 

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