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Senior Health and Fitness Tips – 47abc



MARYLAND – National Senior Health and Fitness Day is dedicated to the betterment of the health of seniors. Located in Salisbury, the MAC Center for Aging offers an abundance of services to help more active seniors live their lives to the fullest.

Tommy Robinson is the Head Fitness Trainer for the MAC gym. He tells us the center helps seniors improve their physical fitness through classes, programs, and encouragement. He says there are many things that seniors can do to stay active as they get older and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“Particularly, as we get older because our bodies tend to slow down naturally, we naturally lose muscle, flexibility, we lose, or cognitive ability and exercise will help all of that from declining… There are many ways an elderly individual can stay active. Doing sit to stands, a chess press, or a push, and a row or pull, those three will hit kind of, three main areas for strength training.”

The MAC Center also provides healthy recipes for participants to take home and even offers cooking classes to encourage an ongoing healthy lifestyle and encourages all senior citizens to get active.

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