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Security fog machine helps deter burglars from Chatsworth business



LAPD detectives responding to a burglary alarm at a Chatsworth Pharmacy ran into a wall of fog, quite literally, coming out of the business. 

The relatively new security device seems to have deterred the would-be burglars, as they had disappeared with nothing seemingly taken, LAPD Detective Marc Vito Cruz said. 

“It works,” said Mike Egel, with Density USA, which is breaking into the California market with the fog security system that according to Egel, blinds the suspects so much that they usually leave. 

The fog is not your typical Halloween-like fog. It’s thick, and while not toxic, according to Egel, it’s definitely working as a deterrent. 

Detectives say it seems to help, although they suggest merchants don’t do without a good video security system, as that is how they get good visuals of suspects. 

If you want to find out more about the device visit Density USA

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