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Returnity Launches In Rotation to Close the Loop on Reusable Shopping Bags



New York, NY – Returnity Innovations has announced the launch of In Rotation, a new service that seeks to maximize the lifespan of reusable shopping bags. This program addresses the growing surplus of reusable bags by offering consumers a convenient way to unload their extras while inviting retailers to participate through in-store collection bins – an approach aimed at reducing our reliance on single-use plastics.

“Reusable bags seemed like an ideal solution to the single-use bag problem, but their widespread adoption only created a different waste issue,” says Mike Newman, CEO of Returnity and a recognized leader in transforming logistics platforms from single-use packaging to reusables. “In Rotation aims to balance the scales by empowering consumers and retailers to actively participate in circularity.”

With roughly 10 billion reusable bags produced just last year, In Rotation encourages consumers to send back their excess grocery store bags and totes using a prepaid mailer. The $20 fee for each mailer covers the costs of logistics, sorting, and recycling or reusing the bags. Returned bags are sent to qualified partners to be given new life, while those too worn for reuse are responsibly recycled.

The launch of In Rotation was inspired by Newman’s previous success in building cell phone take-back programs for brands like Walmart, AT&T and Verizon. Applying a similar approach to the current overabundance of reusable bags in circulation, In Rotation has created a system that reintegrates them back into the consumer cycle, closing the loop on waste and reducing environmental impact.

Retailers are also encouraged to be a part of the solution by installing an In Rotation bag collection bin. For a nominal fee, this simple solution makes it easier and cheaper for their customers to return unneeded bags while simultaneously contributing to their own ESG goals – a win-win for any forward-thinking retailer.

“There are already more than enough reusable bags in circulation,” concludes Newman. “In Rotation supports our commitment to the circular economy and invites everyone to be part of a practical solution. It’s about doing what we can with what we have to drive truly meaningful change.”

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