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Postcards From AFW: Emma Mulholland Shares Her Fashion Week Photo Diary



Images courtesy of Emma Mulholland

Australian Fashion Week may have wrapped up, but though the runway is a fleeting moment for an eager audience, the time, energy, and resources poured into the occasion are anything but.

For Emma Mulholland, founder of EM on Holiday, the leadup to her cult label’s debut at Sydney’s Carriageworks was no small feat. Running around between the design studio, fittings, castings, and sourcing and crafting props—all the while squeezing in some self-care along the way—alone makes for a challenging week, let alone when you’re expecting your first child.

Giving us a peek into the days leading up to her incredible showcase of EM on Holiday’s Resort 2025 show, Mulholland gave GRAZIA the week’s breakdown as she prepared for AFW. From the little things that brought her joy to the last-minute chaos of putting on a fashion show, here is Emma Mulholland’s AFW ‘Get Ready With Me’.

Wednesday, May 8

Quick morning walk with our dog Norby and a croissant from the Bakery on Glenayr in Bondi.


A look into the casting of our debut Australian Fashion Week show casting with our stylist, Sarah Starkey.

Thursday, May 9


Checking in on the amazing props being created for the show. Our set designer Alice Joel made this iconic sand castle for the show.

Friday, May 10


It’s fittings day 1! My favourite part is seeing everything come together. Here, we are unpacking our accessories and jewellery for the fittings.

Fun fact: We designed a glass jewellery collection in collaboration with Melbourne-based creatives Jean Riley. I can’t wait to see how it looks on the runway.

Quick fitting with our amazing set cast for the show, which stars the iconic couple Ione Skye and Ben Lee and our dear friend and amazing actress Jillian Nguyen.

Worn to be seen—love the sheerness of this piece and mixing in with the beautiful glass beaded belt from our collaboration with Jean Riley.

Saturday, May 11

Fittings continued!


You can never have too many accessories—I love this ‘Granny Swim Cap’ we made using upcycled sequin flowers from leftover materials from a previous sample.

Loving all the colourful Taffeta styles in our new collection can’t wait to see these pieces come to life on the runway.

Finishing off a big day with the Hair and Makeup trials with the amazing Molly Warkentin and Keiran Street.


It’s getting late so we brought the board home to work on the final run-through—Norbert is on standby to approve.

Monday, May 13

It’s the day before show day! My husband and I grabbed a sweet treat from our local bakery to keep the creativity flowing.


Outfit check! Followed by a well-deserved nap, as there is too much excitement in the studio for one day.

Tuesday, May 14


After all that, the set comes together gloriously.

Head here to view EM on Holiday’s full Resort 2025 collection.

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