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Pine Ridge Mall to add Kohl’s to shopping space and undergo ‘major’ redevelopment – East Idaho News



CHUBBUCK — The Pine Ridge Mall has some major changes incoming.

Chubbuck’s mall will soon be redeveloped from an enclosed mall to an open-air retail center. While the revitalization will bring in new retailers, many current businesses in the mall will also retain their retail space.

The changes were announced after SimonCRE, a commercial real estate development and acquisition firm, closed on the purchase of the shopping center on May 17 with plans for a “major” reworking of the 2,550,872 square feet property (about 58 acres).

“The Pine Ridge Mall has been a major anchor for the community of Chubbuck, and we want to honor that longstanding history with this redevelopment. Our goal is to revitalize this area by bringing in retailers that residents have been requesting, and ultimately support this community as it continues to grow and thrive,” said Joshua Simon, founder and CEO of SimonCRE in a news release.

So far, the only business that’s confirmed to be coming to the mall for the first time is Kohl’s. Customers visiting the redeveloped mall will be able to find men’s and women’s clothing, beauty products, jewelry and more once it joins Pine Ridge.

Nick Robello, the content marketing manager for SimonCRE, said the company is looking to add retailers the community wants brought in.

“We’ve been identifying the retailers of the community has been asking for,” Robello said. “The idea is to bring those so that people can go to the retailers and restaurants that they already want to be visiting.”

A number of existing retailers will stay in the mall. SimonCRE is in talks with all of the current retailers, negotiating contracts. So far, the company isn’t ready to announce that any current businesses won’t return to the redeveloped Pine Ridge.

“We don’t want anyone to freak out because they don’t see their favorite listed. It’s just that we haven’t finalized anything with them at this time,” Robello said.

Retailers Buckle, Shoe Show and Deseret Books have been confirmed by SimonCRE to be staying in the Pine Ridge Mall, and they have “serious commitments for the majority of the remaining space.”

Hobby Lobby and Planet Fitness will also retain their locations on the property.

SimonCRE will convert the 2,550,872 square feet available at the Pine Ridge Mall to be an outdoor property, stores having their own entrances facing the parking lot that will continue to surround the property. The company is currently assessing whether it’ll have to redesign the existing parking lot.

It will also add outparcels to the property with retail space, so that there will be more “quick grab-and-go locations” in the revamped mall.

When asked if the company was worried about cold weather keeping people away from the new Pine Ridge, Robello said SimonCRE isn’t because it will bring retailers to the space that the community has been asking for.

“The end goal is to create a center that is more than just a couple more retail options, but something that people actually want to go to and can say ‘I’m excited for when this opens’,” he said.

Some designs of the how the store fronts will be laid out in the future Pine Ridge Mall. | Photo courtesy SimonCRE
Pine Ridge Mall redevelopment map
A design of the future Pine Ridge Mall. | Photo courtesy SimonCRE

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