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[PHOTOS] ENHYPEN talks fashion and upcoming album at ‘BENCH’ press conference: “It’s going to be something you haven’t seen before”



Prior to their ‘BENCH‘ fan meeting in Manila at the Mall of Asia Arena, the new ambassador of the Filipino clothing brand, ENHYPEN sat down with the press to answer some fun questions.

This marks their 4th visit to the country since the pandemic: the ‘BYS‘ fan meeting, ‘MANIFESTO,’ and ‘FATE‘ stops. The members relayed their excitement about being the newest ‘Global Benchsetters’ of the popular brand in the Philippines, as well as thanked ‘BENCH’ for this opportunity to meet with their fans, ENGENEs, once again.

It’s been 4 months since we last visited the Philippines for our ‘FATE’ tour in New Clark City. And the last time we visited Manila was during the ‘MANIFESTO’ concert, which was around 1 year ago,” said leader Jungwon.

I feel like whenever we come here, the energy is just incredible,” said Jake on what keeps them coming back. “Whenever we perform, they always bring out their best energy.”

Sunoo also shared some Filipino words he knows and remembers such as “Kumusta (Hello),” “Salamat po (Thank you),” “Mahal kita (I love you),” and “Pogi (Handsome).” 

When the host asked which of the members they think is updated when it comes to fashion, Jay answered, “For me, I think Sunghoon is the best.” Sunghoon then chimed in, “For me, actually, it’s all the members. We are all fashionable.”

NI-KI shared that the kind of fashion he enjoys nowadays is street-style looks. “But I’m also very interested in trying different fashion styles,” he added. While Jay said that he’s also into street fashion as well as loose, oversized looks.

Commemorating their 4th anniversary this November, ENHYPEN, throughout the years, has released hit after hit, helping them achieve the title of “K-Pop powerhouse.” 

I can’t express it in words,” said Heeseung on ENHYPEN being one of the “K-Pop powerhouses.” “We can’t believe that this kind of title is what is given to our group. We would like to express our gratitude as well for all the love and support.”

The members never forget to credit their fans as the reason why they have come this far. Jungwon also said that ENGENEs are the ones whom they get their musical inspiration from.

As ENHYPEN, we always strive to become a better version of ourselves. We try to explore new music, different types of performances,” said Jake. “And I feel like our upcoming album portrays that,” he continued. “You’ll get to see a lot of new stuff. I can’t say too much right now, but it’s going to be something you haven’t seen before.”

[Photos by Sofia Sayson]

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