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Partners react to ESET World 2024: MDR, shrinking cyber teams and AI for threat actors and end-users



Channel partners gathered this week at ESET World in Bratislava to talk shop and – more importantly – margin – and get the inside track on some of the vendor’s recent announcements.

Key topics across the three-day summit included presentations on rising trends in threat intelligence, MDR, the impact of deepfakes and AI generated ransomware and, not least of all, the company’s own AI advisor tool, which translates data across risk identification, analysis, and response capabilities into easily digestible insights.

The vendor is, unsurprisingly, looking to its channel partners to bring all of these developments to market, as they move towards subscription or services models.

Technical speakers from ESET positioned MDR as a first line of defence against cyber-crime, and highlighted rising threats including deepfakes, state and non-state threat actors and a growing proliferation of ransomware enabled by cyber-criminals’ use of AI.

Cyber insurance was given centre stage as a driving force pushing end user firms to review their existing cyber posture and arm themselves with comprehensive security solutions.

But what did the partners actually have to say? CRN sat down with two of ESET’s UK partners to get their take.

Find out what partners Millgate and Grey Matter had to say on the next page…

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