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Parents electrocute & strangle 35yo son to death over gambling addiction & torture | Raipur News – Times of India



Raipur: Fed up with their son’s drinking and gambling addiction, extorting money and regular beatings at his hand, parents of a 35-year-old man electrocuted and strangled him with a live wire in Kabirdhm district.
The couple was arrested and they confessed stating that they couldn’t stand their son’s torture anymore.
The incident took place in Ghugrikala village and villagers on Tuesday morning found the blood stained body of Raju Rajput in the fields.Police were informed and a team of cops initiated an investigation in the matter.
The parents said that Raju was addicted to drinking and gambling on daily basis.
He would spend money and come back home demanding more. He used to sell even the utensils and pieces of furniture in their house. When he could not find any money or anything to sell, he would often resort to thrashing his parents, the couple claimed.
Despite putting in efforts to make him understand and telling him to get rid of this habit, he wouldn’t pay heed.
On Monday night, the parents gave up. As soon as Raju returned home drunk and asked for money, he got into an argument with parents, and was looking for a stick to beat them when the couple attacked him with a live wire. This made him unconscious and then the couple strangled Raju using the wire.
They then dumped the body in the fields and were preparing to surrender, but the body was recovered next morning and the duo was arrested.
The couple was identified as Kumari Rajput, 50 and Jagdeesh, 55.

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