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OnPolitics: World War III? Americans weigh foreign policy in 2024



Hey OnPolitics readers! Americans yet again had foreign affairs take over their TVs and cell phone screens after Iran launched a historic attack against Israel during the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

The attack has raised the country’s blood pressure as President Joe Biden and a divided Congress look to respond without further escalating the Gaza Strip crisis amid other international conflicts, USA TODAY’s Phillip Bailey, Marc Ramirez and Phaedra Trethan reported.

Most Americans think another world war is likely:YouGov survey released in March found 61% of Americans believe another world war is either very or somewhat likely to happen within the next five to 10 years.

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U.S., Israel alliance is tested: As Congress renews a debate on a dual aid package for Israel and Ukraine, which former President Donald Trump has expressed skepticism over, the debate over who is best suited to handle these crises continues in the rest of the country. And as the 2024 race for the White House looms, foreign policy and conflicts around the world could be on voters’ minds as they likely choose between Biden and Trump this fall.

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