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Nominees unveiled for the National Indigenous Fashion Awards 2024



The prestigious National Indigenous Fashion Awards (NIFA) are happening again this year in Darwin, and they have just announced a record number of nominees for 2024.

36 First Nations fashion designers have been announced by Indigenous Fashion Projects (IFP), with 22 stunning collections set to grace the Country to Couture runway shows. Read on for the full nominations list, and award ceremony details…


Who are the nominees?

Traditional Adornment Award nominees:

  • Cassie Leatham
  • Delma Praljak-Trindall
  • Philomena Yeatman
  • Jessika Spencer
  • Vicki-Laine Green
  • Samala Cronin.

Community Collaboration Award nominees:

  • Natisha Tabua
  • SKUTTA presented by KAFTA
  • Amanda Hayman
  • Melissa Greenwood.

Business Achievement Award nominees:

  • GALI Swimwear by David Leslie
  • Ngali by Denni Francisco
  • SKUTTA presented by KAFTA.

Textile Design Award nominees:

  • Kieren Karritpul
  • Lucy Yarawanga
  • Faith Butler
  • Jay Jurrupula Rostron
  • Elizabeth Wullunmingu
  • Samala Thakialee Cronin.

Wearable Art Award nominees:

  • Cassie Leatham
  • Lillardia Briggs-Houston
  • Carly Dodd
  • Sarrita King
  • Samala Cronin
  • Su Lousick.

Fashion Designer Award nominees:

  • Natisha Tabua
  • Briana Enoch
  • Tahnee Edwards
  • Simone Arnol
  • Cheryl Creed
  • Samala Cronin.

Cecilia Cubillo Young Achiever Award nominees:

  • Hayley Dodd
  • Lindyn Rowland
  • Carly Dodd
  • Kahlia Rogers
  • Nardia Blackhall.


When and where are they being held?

The events will be held across 6–7 August in Darwin.


What is NIFA?

Launched in 2020 by Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Foundation’s Indigenous Fashion Projects (IFP), the National Indigenous Fashion Awards are a platform to support and celebrate the innovation, diversity and ethical practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and fashion designers in Australia.

The awards ceremony recognises and showcases excellence across six categories, and is a unique opportunity for the Australian and international fashion community to connect to the world’s oldest living cultures.

Award categories include:

  • Traditional Adornment Award, supported by Helen Kaminski
  • Community Collaboration Award, supported by Canberra Centre
  • Business Achievement Award, supported by QIC
  • Textile Design Award, supported by RMIT
  • Wearable Art Award, supported by Eastland
  • Fashion Designer Award, supported by Country Road
  • NEW in 2024: Cecilia Cubillo Young Achiever Award, supported by Franchesca Cubillo


Find out more on the NIFA website.

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