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No Gambling In Vegas! The Review-Journal Invests in the Dependability of Their Print Platform



KINNA The Las Vegas Review-Journal (LVRJ) has committed to a very large Goss Newsliner Press Drive Upgrade project with imPRESSions Worldwide and DCOS Automation following a large wave of Printers making similar decisions as of late.

The 234,000 sq. ft. print facility, located just a stone’s throw from Fremont Street, houses the Goss Newsliner Press that was originally installed in the year 2000. The Pressline is comprised of two sections, each with dual output folder, eight 4-High Printing towers and twelve AMAL AR80 reelstands. Overall, an impressive doublewide Press with two folders, sixteen towers and a total of twenty-four reelstands. The towers are “couple shaftless” with eight 35 HP AC motors per tower. Typical Press speeds are about 55,000 copies per hour.

The original Press automation system is Honeywell PRINTA II controls and a Bosch Rexroth DIAX drive system of the DKR/DDS generation. Given the age of the drive and control systems, the increasing cost to maintain the old automation system, increased frequency of hardware failures, the LVRJ has spent the last two years evaluating its options for a Press Drive retrofit.

The decision to retrofit the drive system on one section finally landed in favor of the DCOS Solution provided by imPRESSions Worldwide.

“A decisive factor for us is that DCOS retrofit solution replaces all critical parts, not just some of them. DCOS could demonstrate and extensive list of references and we saw a clear technological superiority of DCOS over the other solutions presented for us”, says Jarmo Lappalainen, maintenance manager, LVRJ.

The retrofit scope includes replacement of ten CLCs, all SERCOS fiber optic rings, DKR drives, KVD power supply modules, DDS drive and 2AD/MDD motor encoders for about 100 drives and motors.

Mattias Andersson, CEO at DCOS: “I’m honored we have won the trust of Janet and Jarmo to become their partner on this project. This process has been technically oriented, detailed and thorough. As a former Honeywell commissioning engineer, Jarmo asks all the right questions and is well suited to choose the best solution”.

The equipment will ship from Sweden in Q4 2024, followed by a pre-installation phase prior the Holidays and Commissioning will take place during Q1 2025.

Janet Owen, VP of Operations, stated: “I’m impressed with the young average age at DCOS, and the belief they will be around to support this system, their business continues to grow globally with a long list of successful projects”.

“Janet and Jarmo are great to work with. I have enjoyed working on many projects with the folks at the Review-Journal over the years. They continue to grow their book of commercial work and they are dedicated to providing best-in-class news coverage and print quality to their readers and advertisers.” stated David Gilmore, VP of Sales, imPRESSions Worldwide.

For almost a decade, imPRESSions Worldwide and DCOS Automation have leveraged the skillsets of each organization to help printers increase quality, productivity and be more cost efficient. Together iW and DCOS can provide solutions for all size Printers in any location.

DCOS Inspection System
DCOS Inspection Systems is a range of in-house developed camera based systems for the printing industry. The systems automate a majority of the traditionally manual quality adjustments made in the printing process. This in turn increases productivity and cost effectiveness as waste, start-up time, use of consumables and manning can be greatly reduced. At the same time a high and consistent quality is guaranteed.

DCOS Inspection System measures solid ink micro marks. Offline densitometric measurement of ink solid is proven in the industry for decades, it’s simple and stable. DCOS has reengineered the concept and developed an online high-speed solution adaptable to any press. This technology is optimized for best performance, repeatability and effectiveness. This is proven at installation across the globe.

DCOS offers custom-designed automated solutions with a focus on user-friendliness, efficiency and reliability – the aim is to maximize the productivity of the customers.

DCOS offers a new approach in operation and control systems, operator interfaces, production follow-up and camera-based inspection systems for new and printing press installations, including retrofitting of existing ones. The company has printing press customers across the world and operates a strong service organization based on a network of carefully selected and skilled agents and partners.

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