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New TSA scanners at Bismarck Airport help with smooth and safe travel



BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) – Over the past year, the Bismarck Airport has added a few enhancements to the TSA screening process to make travel easier and safer.

There are over 400 federalized airports in the United States, and the Bismarck airport is one of the ones that have the new TSA scanners to enhance patron travel.

Lynn Fox, a flyer at the airport, said the new TSA scanners have made it a lot quicker to get through security.

“I’ve been trying to pack lighter, but that is so much easier to just get going and whatever we have to do. So it’s pretty cool,” said Fox.

With these new scanners, travelers just place bags into the bin and do not have to take anything out of their bags.

“What I think really passengers appreciate and what changes in their experience is that you no longer have to take so much out. So I think we’re all very used for that taking out your electronics, taking out your liquids and now everything stays in,” said Jessica Mayle, a regional spokesperson for the airport.

She said one big change is the gate check. Now, any item that doesn’t fit in the bins must be checked prior to going through security.

“It’s a great win for Bismark that you have it here. This is the state-of-the-art technology that we’re hoping to get all airports to,” said Mayle.

She said it makes the TSA screening process quicker and there are fewer bag checks.

“We’re seeing inside the bags better. It’s helping us do our jobs better,” said Mayle.

An ID scanner is also a new technology.

“It validates that you are flying out that day. So you no longer need to show your boarding pass separately. Just show your ID. And again, it validates the ID better than a human eye can,” said Mayle.

She said there are so many different types of IDs, so this ensures no fraudulent ones are going through.

So next time you’re at the Bismarck airport going through the security checkpoint, you might have an easier time.

Over half of the federalized airports in the U.S. have this new technology in their TSA scanning process.

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