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New Orleans is most expensive US city for the 2024 Taylor Swift Eras Tour, study says



You won’t have “Champagne Problems” finding good booze and cocktails in the Crescent City for the Taylor Swift concert, but you could do some damage on your credit card. 

That’s because a recent study named New Orleans as the most expensive US city of the 2024 Eras Tour stops. 

Betting site JeffBet examined multiple cost factors when determining an average one-night stay in New Orleans, Miami and Indianapolis, the three cities Swift is touring in this year.

Jeff experts used these data points in the methodology: 

  • median cost of a room at a budget motel 
  • average price of breakfast, lunch and dinner at a budget-friendly restaurant
  • average cost of alcoholic beverages 
  • average cost of local transport and rideshare 
  • average amount spend on tips and handouts

Miami was named the second-most expensive city for the Eras Tour, and Indianapolis was named the cheapest. 

While hotels, food and travel were ranked cheaper in New Orleans than Miami, the Big Easy’s alcohol and tip averages were far higher. 

Here are the one night average totals from JeffBet:

  • New Orleans: $210
  • Miami: $186
  • Indianapolis: $172 

Swift, who is releasing her much-anticipated album “The Tortured Poet’s Department” at 11 p.m. Central Thursday, is performing at the Caesar’s Superdome Oct. 25-27. 

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