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Netherlands MPs vote in favour of banning online gambling advertising



There was a two-minute debate on gambling with a number of motions voted on. 

The House of Representatives in the Netherlands has voted on several motions, which includes banning online gambling advertising in the country. 

In a statement on its website, the Socialist Paty in the Netherlands showed its support for the ban on online gambling advertising, with SP MP Michiel van Nispen saying: 

“Regulated gambling has been turned into a gambling market in 2021. And this market is sick through and through. Every day that these companies continue their bad practices, more people become addicted to gambling.  

“As far as we are concerned, it is the end of the story for gambling companies without morals. A ban on online gambling advertisements is another step forward towards a country without bad gambling companies.” 

According to a report back in 2021, gambling ads at the time had doubled since online casinos were legalised in the Netherlands. 

Another significant outcome from the two-minute debate held yesterday was that a ban on online games with a demonstrably very high risk was also adopted, looking at ones where players have no influence on the outcome and where there is a short space of time between the playing of the game and its result. 

These were just two of a number of motions voted on during the debate, which also included adopting a motion whereby  the KSA could use fake IDs to monitor gambling providers. 

In other news from the region, last week saw the KSA impose a penalty on Casbit Group NV for offering illegal games of chance on the website. 

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