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My 2024 Vibe Is Prada, Sophistication, and No-Effort Styling—35 Items I’m Eyeing



I used to spend hours picking out my outfits, causing me to, on occasion, be late or even miss events altogether and waste heaps of time. As I started to settle into my style, I realized something about these predicaments. Mostly, they were due to the fact that many of the items in my wardrobe took too much effort to style. They weren’t easy enough for someone like me, who has to put together a lot of outfits and rarely has ample time to do so. My solution? To pick a vibe and run with it. Now, I’m only buying pieces that fit in with the rest of my aesthetic and, therefore, can be mixed and matched with existing items in my closet without much finagling.

Said vibe chosen was a mix of Prada and simple sophistication, meaning that timeless silhouettes, minimal palettes with vibrant pops of color, and versatile separates became key pieces in my style rotation. Since I’ve switched to this fashion mentality, I’ve noticed a significant drop in getting-ready time, not to mention a noticeable increase in the number of outfits I love, am proud of, and wear on repeat. Because I know that I’m not the only person who struggles with this, I figured I probably shouldn’t gatekeep my fix, which is why I lined up 35 items that fit my 2024 look to a T. From actual Prada pieces that I think are 100% worth the investment to more affordable buys that give that same classic feeling, there’s something for everyone in the mix below.

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