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‘Most Cringe Sh*t I Have Ever Seen’: Tech World Goes Wild On Lin-Manuel Miranda As Amazing Canva Hip Hop Routine Goes Viral



A presentation at a tech event went viral on Sunday as hundreds of social media users compared it to — or blamed it on — Lin-Manuel Miranda’s work on Broadway, with users in the X trending topic suggesting the Tony winner be taken to the Hague to answer for his “crimes” against humanity.

The video from Thursday’s Canva Create event in Los Angeles shows a hip hop performance that certainly does evoke the style of Miranda’s “Hamilton” judging by the fact that it was Miranda’s name that was trending, not the product itself, over the weekend. And not in a flattering way.

During the event at which Canva, a graphic design and software company, debuted updates to its namesake app, two presenters acted out an intro, saying they heard music from offstage and exiting to stage left before a troupe of dancers came out and put on what many users described as a “cringe” performance.

“You can redesign your work, Canva got that glow up. We redesigned errything from the flo’ up. Customize your workspace and make it your own. Oh, now you’re making magic when you up in the zone,” began the song, and it continued in that style throughout.

It was tech professional Alex Cohen, sharing the clip posted by fellow tech veteran Andy Allen, who really got the ball rolling on X when posting that it was “the most cringe shit I have ever seen in my entire tech career.”

That’s when the Miranda references started coming in by the dozens, as well as other less than enthusiastic reactions.

There were some caveats, though.

And past tech cringe made some appearances as well, some saying Canva has failed to grab the title.

If you’ve never seen that last one … allow us the honor of introducing you.

At the time of this post, Lin-Manuel Miranda has not responded to calls for him to be referred for crimes against humanity or ruining tech.

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