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Meet the local fashion designer behind Kamilla Cardoso’s WNBA Draft suit



(WACH) – High-end designers covered the women’s basketball players at Monday night’s WNBA Draft, but for South Carolina’s Kamilla Cardoso, she shopped local.

“I was like wow,” said Minh Le. “It’s just a big moment for her, and for me it’s like amazing.”

Minh Le is the designer behind the red suit. The Lexington talent was happy to see her art on display.

“Prada, that’s the first time they’re at the WNBA Draft,” said Le. “I’m like that’s my first time too, it’s really amazing!”

Normally, clients meet with Le in person at her shop in Lexington when they need a custom design so that Le can make all her measurements, bu Le never met with Cardoso until the suit was already made.

When Le showed up to give Cardoso the suit, it fit perfectly.

“I have to do my magic thing, meaning I have to pull out each measurement,” said Le. “I have to go online and look at Kamilla’s body-type. I become like a stalker, going online and looking at pictures.”

It’s a remote method Minh Le is used to, as A’ja Wilson was her first Gamecock client. Le designed Wilson’s white suit that she wore at her statue ceremony back in January 2021.

Three years and dozens of designs later, Minh Le’s client- list is full of stars.

From Dawn Staley to Bam Adebayo, Le’s magic has been felt.

For Wilson, Staley, and now Cardoso, a fan through fashion has been found.

“I pay attention,” said Le. “When A’ja’s playing, when South Carolina women’s basketball is playing. It’s become my thing now.”

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