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Marlboro County man fulfills dream of opening gym to help others stay healthy



Demarco Bostic of Bennettsville has always dreamed of opening a fitness gym to help others stay healthy to prolong their lives.

Bostic’s dream became a reality last April when he opened ‘Only the Fittest’ gym inside a building that had been closed for more than 20 years.

Bostic said he worked day and night for more than three months to get the building ready.

“When they left this place, I had to do all the work. So, it was either me or pay somebody else to do it. And at the time I was on a budget. And you know, I always had this thing where, you know, if you want something done right. Then, do it yourself,” said Bostic.

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Bostic said he painted the 4,000-square-foot building, rebuilt a wall, refurbished floors and countertops, and lots more.

One year later, Bostic said he can proudly say he’s changed lives.

“If I can help someone to alleviate that by teaching them to eat correctly, how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Then, you know, whether it’s one person or 10 people. I think that’s the most beautiful thing for me. Than trying to reach 100,000 people.”

Bostic said it just hurts to hear people who are getting really sick or even dying due to poor diet and lack of exercise.

He added he doesn’t want that to the plight of his community.

Bostic said he holds two hourlong group sessions with a beginners and advanced class twice a week.

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He also holds a Zumba class two times a week and he works with student-athletes at Marlboro County High School, where he played football and ran track.

Bostic said people are seeing results of feeling and looking better and it’s changing their lives.

He plans to hold a Mother and Son Dance this Saturday to celebrate his first anniversary.

He also is saluting mothers who are doing all they can to get fit and stay in shape.

For more information, you can contact Bostic at 843-862-0863.

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