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Mark Consuelos Sparks Fan Debate After Calling Out Gen Z Fashion



Mark Consuelos is all about keeping up with the latest fashion trends, and a recent revelation had him asking for advice from fans.

During a May 15 taping of Live With Kelly and Mark, the TV host found himself immersed in the topic of Gen Z fashion, particularly in the case of being against wearing ankle socks. As he read off his notes to wife Kelly Ripa, he shared how this particular generation (which groups people born between 1997 and 2012) apparently isn’t a fan of the style, and for a pretty hilarious reason.

“Gen Z has officially cancelled ankle socks,” he began while cracking up in a clip posted on TikTok. “Quote: ‘They’re for old people!'”

Upon reading this, Mark called upon two girls sitting toward the front of the studio audience to help explain the concept. When they took hold of the microphone, the girls explained that Gen Zers aren’t too fond of ankle socks because they don’t fit the aesthetic they tend to go for with fashion.

“Gen Zers, hi! Are ankle socks … are they out?” Mark asked. “Tell us why.”

“Just ’cause,” one girl replied, with the other chiming in, “They’re just, like shorter. It’s not cute … it’s not the vibe.”

“You can go shorter than ankle or you can go higher than ankle, but just not at ankle,” they later clarified.

However, the girls’ opinions didn’t resonate with every member of the crowd. As a different Gen Zer was offered the microphone, she shocked the first pair by revealing she was, in fact, wearing the dreaded footwear. “I’m Gen Z and I am currently wearing ankle socks,” she shared. “This is news to me.”

Surprisingly, Mark seemed convinced by the general sentiment from Gen Z after the unexpected on-air debate, stating their theory made sense to him.

“You know what? I kinda agree with you,” he concluded. “I’m throwing them away today.”

“Mark is running for president of Gen Z,” Kelly teased.

When the clip started going viral on TikTok, fans of the ABC daytime series rushed to share their opinions in the comments.

“As a Gen Z ankle socks will never be cancelled, thank you,” one person declared. “I’m taking my ankle socks with me to the grave!” another noted. “I thought taller socks were older people socks … ?? 🤨,” a different follower added.

Well, one thing’s for sure: Mark and Kelly know how to get an audience talking!

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