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Marc Jacobs on TikTok: A Strategy of Humor and High Fashion



Courtesy of Tiktok, @marcjacobs

When you explore the Marc Jacobs TikTok page, you might think you’ve stumbled upon a channel belonging to one of the platform’s top comedians, not a luxury fashion brand. The posts ingeniously blend humor with high fashion, showcasing influencers in the latest Marc Jacobs attire—a tactic that highlights the brand’s digital era savvy. Owned by the French luxury conglomerate LVMH, Marc Jacobs has effectively leveraged influencer partnerships to boost its visibility and reach a broader TikTok audience.

Following a successful social media campaign by Yulya Shadrinsky featuring Dakota Fanning, Cindy Sherman, and Lil Uzi Vert that capitalized on the internet trend ‘Office Siren‘, it’s clear the brand is tuned into current trends. This is further evidenced by successful collaborations with influencers like those in the Sylvanian drama and Raymonte, which have garnered significantly more views than typical posts. Videos with these influencers often achieve over 300,000 views, with some even surpassing a million, sharply contrasting with the engagement of non-influencer content. This shift towards influencer-driven content has effectively helped Marc Jacobs connect with a younger audience.


@marcjacobs Happy mom’s day @Sylvaniandrama ♬ original sound – Christina

Despite uncertainties surrounding TikTok’s availability in certain markets, Marc Jacobs continues to proactively use the platform as a vital marketing tool. The brand’s strategy is successful because it blends naturally with TikTok’s culture, avoiding overt commercialism. Marc Jacobs has adopted a unique marketing strategy on TikTok by featuring influencer-created content directly on their official account, instead of just on the influencers’ personal pages. This approach not only boosts the brand’s visibility but also allows influencers to produce authentic content that remains true to their style.

Marc Jacobs has been successful on TikTok for a few years, starting with the impactful launch of its fragrance, Perfect in 2020. The brand kicked off the #PerfectAsIAm Branded Hashtag Challenge, featuring Rickey Thompson encouraging users to express themselves online. This campaign strategy also utilized TopView and In-Feed Ads to maximize engagement. Since its inception, the challenge has greatly surpassed typical TikTok beauty metrics, accumulating over 10.1 billion views globally by March 2021 and demonstrating significant increases in brand awareness and ad recall. This success showcases the brand’s effective resonance with the TikTok community.


@marcjacobs Everything is Marc Jacobs! 💋 @RAYMONTE ♬ original sound – marcjacobs

Marc Jacobs has skillfully tapped into TikTok’s potential by enlisting unique personalities like Alex Consani, known for her Gen Z humor, and Fausto Elizalde. These choices highlight the brand’s keen eye for casting, evident in campaigns featuring diverse stars. While some partnerships have garnered mixed reactions, the brand’s strategy of leveraging the internet’s meme culture cleverly capitalizes on a universal love for humor.

While strategies successful on TikTok may not translate as well to platforms like Instagram, where users expect more curated and product-centric content, brands are advised to customize their content strategies to align with the specific norms and user expectations of each social media platform. It’s also important for brands to quickly adapt to rapidly changing social media trends to maintain relevance. Smaller brands, despite potential budget constraints, can still draw inspiration from larger campaigns. They might consider featuring their own employees or sharing personal stories from founders to engage TikTok audiences, fostering an authentic connection that resonates well on the platform.


@marcjacobs @bellahadid039 ♬ original sound – marcjacobs

Marc Jacobs has exemplified how a luxury fashion brand can effectively leverage TikTok to enhance its market presence and connect with a younger demographic. By integrating humor with high fashion and harnessing the power of influencer collaborations, Marc Jacobs has not only stayed relevant but also set a benchmark in digital marketing within the fashion industry. The success of their campaigns, particularly  highlights their ability to adapt and thrive in the fast-paced world of social media.

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